What is it
then, ô Man, that hath caſt thee into ſo
deep Sadneſs, and Diſcontent? I believe
thou haſt ſeen ſomething new, and unuſual.
Doſt thou think that Fortune is Changed in
her Diſpoſition towards Thee ? thou art
miſtaken. Theſe are Her Manners : this is
Her Nature.She hath rather kept her own
Conſtancy in the Mutability ſhe hath ſhown
towards Thee.She was no other than now
thou ſeeſt Her to be, when ſhe flatter'd,
and Deceiv'd thee with the Enticements of
Falſe Felicity.Thou haſt found out the
Deceitful Pretences of this Blind Goddeſs.
She that covers Her ſelfe with a Vaile from
the ſight of other men has ſuffer'd thee to
take a full View of Her: and to be fully acquainted
with her Diſpoſition.If thou Likeſt
Her, uſe her Manners, do not complain.
If thou dreadeſt her Perfidiouſneſs,
Scorn, and reject Her, that ſports her ſelfe
thus in doing miſchiefe.For ſhe that hath
brought thee into ſo great Sorrowes ſhould
have been the cauſe of thy Tranquillity. For
ſhe hath left Thee, of whom no man can be
Secure, but that ſhe will leave him alſo.