What is it, my friend, that has thrown you into grief and sorrow? Do
you think that you have encountered something new and different? You
are wrong if you think that Fortune has changed toward you. This is
her nature, the way she always behaves. She is changeable, and so in
her relations with you she has merely done what she always does. This
is the way she was when she flattered you and led you on with the pleasures
of false happiness. You have merely discovered the two-faced nature
of this blind goddess. Although she still hides herself from others, she
is now wholly known to you. If you like her, abide by her conditions
and do not complain. But if you hate her treachery, ignore her and
her deceitful antics. Really, the misfortunes which are now such a
cause of grief ought to be reasons for tranquility. For now she has
deserted you, and no man can ever be secure until he has been forsaken
by Fortune.