'What is it, then, poor mortal, that hath
cast thee into lamentation and mourning?
Some strange, unwonted sight, methinks,
have thine eyes seen.Thou deemest
Fortune to have changed towards thee;
thou mistakest. Such ever were her ways,
ever such her nature.Rather in her
very mutability hath she preserved towards
thee her true constancy.Such was she
when she loaded thee with caresses, when
she deluded thee with the allurements of
a false happiness.Thou hast found out
how changeful is the face of the blind
goddess.She who still veils herself from
others hath fully discovered to thee her
whole character. If thou likest her, take
her as she is, and do not complain.If
thou abhorrest her perfidy, turn from her
in disdain, renounce her, for baneful are
her delusions.The very thing which is
now the cause of thy great grief ought to
have brought thee tranquillity.Thou
hast been forsaken by one of whom no
one can be sure that she will not forsake