What is it then, O Man, which hath plunged
thee into this Abyſs of Miſery and Sorrow?
Certainly thou haſt ſeen ſomething aſtoniſhing
and new.Doſt thou think that Fortune is
changed againſt thee? Thou art deceived : This
was always her Cuſtom, and is her Nature:
She hath rather, in this Miſadventure of thine,
preſerved her Conſtancy in changing :Such ſhe
was when ſhe deluded thee with her Blandiſhments
and falſe Shews of Felicity. Thou haſt
had before a full View of the direct Face of
this blind Divinity, and thou haſt alſo now beheld
her Reverſe :She, who nicely conceals
her ſelf to others, is wholly diſplayed and open
to thee.If thou approveſt of her Manners and
Cuſtoms, uſe them, and complain not :If thou
doſt abominate her Perfidy and Falſeneſs, contemn
and caſt her off, whoſe Sports are ſo dangerous
and hurtful. For that which occaſions
thy Melancholy, ought to have been a Cauſe of
thy greateſt Joy and Comfort :For ſhe hath
forſaken thee ; of whom no Man can be ſecure
but ſhe will leave him alſo.