What is it then, my friend, that has plunged
you into ſuch an abyſs of ſorrow and miſery?You
have undoubtedly beheld ſomething new and extraordinary.
If you think Fortune has changed her
behaviour towards you, you are in a miſtake.
This is the character of the dame ; it is her very
nature.With reſpect to you, ſhe has preſerved
her wonted conſiſtency, being conſtant in nothing
but mutability :ſuch ſhe was, when ſhe careſſed
you, when ſhe dazzled your eyes with falſe ſhews
of felicity.You have ſeen the double face of this
blind divinity ;and ſhe who veils herſelf from
others, has diſplayed herſelf wholly to you.If
you approve her manners, conform to them, and
do not complain.If you abhor her perfidy, deſpiſe
it ; and treat her with diſdain when ſhe is
courting you with her dangerous flatteries.
What occaſions your preſent melancholy, ought
to have been a cauſe of tranquillity : the wanton
has deſerted you, of whoſe continuance no perſon
is ſecure ; and it is now in your power to enjoy
a repoſe that is altogether incompatible with her.