Too happy they, and too much bleſs'd,
Who did in former Ages live
Content with what the faithful Earth did give,
Who Nature's kindly Products thought the beſt!
They, yet not loſt in Luxury,
Did with the Acorn Hunger ſatisfy,
And the moſt carving Stomach fill.
They knew not Hypocras nor Hydromel,
Nor could the differing Elements join
Of Honey and of racy Wine;
Nor did the Serian Fleece in Tyrian Colours ſhine.

Our Fathers on their graſſy Beds did ſleep,
Had ſmiling Viſions and inſpiring Dreams,
The paſſing Rivulets and lucid Streams
Gave wholſom draughts.Under the ſpreading Shade
Of the tall Pine, through which no Ray could peep,
The gentle Mortal careleſs lay,
Shunning the Heats of the Meridian Ray.

No Man did plow the Deep, or ſtem the Floods
With ſwelling Canvaſs and with buſy Oar:
Nor did the Merchant then expoſe his Goods
To ſale upon an unknown Shore.
The threatning Notes of the hoarſe Trumpet then
Did not the Man of War awake;
Ambition did no hateful Quarrels make,
Nor ſhining Blades wich Purple ſtain:
For headlong Fury never could
Move Men to go to War,
When what was got was but a Wound or Scar,
And there was no Reward for ſhedding Blood.

O that thoſe Days would come again
Which long ago went floating by,
And ſwallowed in the mighty Gulf of Time,
Make now an uſeleſs part of vaſt Eternity!
The Love of Wealth doth all engage,
And more than Ætna's Flames doth rage,
And nothing can the burning Thirſt aſſwage.
Ill fare the Man who broke the deep
And ſecret Cloſets of the Earth,
And gave to Gold and Diamonds a Birth,
Which in their Cauſes did deſire to ſleep;
And whence a thouſand Troubles Men do daily reap!