An Accomplish'd Lady's Delight, 1675

Recipes from An Accomplish'd Lady's Delight, 1675

        81. To stew Beef in Gobbets , the
                  French Faſhion.

   Take a Flank of Beef, or any part but
the Leg, cut it into ſlices, or Gobbets as
big as Pullets-Eggs, with ſome Gobbets
of Fat, and boyl it in a Pot or Pipkin with
ſome fair Spring-water, ſcum it clean,
and after it hath boyled an hour, put to
it Carrots, Parſnips, Turnips, great O-
nions,ſome Salt, Cloves, Mace, and whole
Pepper; cover it cloſe, and ſtew it, till
be very tender; and half an hour before
its ready put into it ſome pick'd Thyme,
Parſley, Winter-ſavoury, Sweet Mar-
joram, Sorrel, and Spinage (being a
little bruiſed with the back of a Ladle)
with ſome Claret-Wine : Then Diſh it
on fine Sippets, and ſerve it to the Table
hot; Garniſh it with Grapes, Barberries,
or Gooſeberries : Or elſe uſe Spices, the
bottoms of boyled Artichoaks put into
beaten Butter, and grated Nutmeg, gar-
niſhed with Barberries.

        42. To ſtew Collops of Beef.

   Take of the buttock of Beef thin ſlices,
croſs the grain of the Meat; then hack
them, and fry them in ſweet butter; and
being fryed fine and brown, put them in
a Pipkin with ſome ſtrong broath, a lit-
tle Claret-Wine, and ſome Nutmeg; ſtew
it very tender, and half an hour before
you Diſh it, put to it ſome good Gravy,
Elder-Vinegar, and a Clove or two; when
you ſerve it, put ſome juice of Orange,
and three or four ſlices on it; ſtew down
the Gravy ſomewhat thick, and put unto
it when you Diſh it, ſome beaten but-