Recipes from, Accomplished Housekeeper, and Universal Cook, by T. Williams, 1797

            Beef à la Mode
    Take ſome of the veiny-piece, or ſmall round
of beef, which is generally called the mouſe
buttock. Cut it five or ſix inches thick, and
ſlice ſome pieces of fat bacon into long bits.
Take an equal quantity of beaten mace, pep-
per, and nutmeg, with double the quantity of
ſalt. Mix them together, dip the bacon into
ſome vinegar, (garlick vinegar, if agreeable)
and then into the ſpice. Lard the beef with a
larding-pin, very thick and even. Put the meat
into a pot juſt large enough to hold it, with a
gill of vinegar, two large onions, a bunch of
ſweet herbs, half a pint of wine, and ſome le-
mon peel. Cover it down very cloſe, and put
a wet cloth round the edge of the pot, to pre-
vent the ſteam evaporating. When it is half
done, turn it, and cover it up again. Do it
over a ſtove or very ſlow fire. It will require
five hours and a half to do it properly. You
may add to it truffles and morels.