Recipes from The Home Cook Book, 1888

Mrs. G. B. Wyllie.

Take one-half tea-cup barley, four quarts cold water
bring this to the boil and skim now put in a neck of
mutton and boil again for half an hour, skim, well the
sides of the pot also ; have ready two carrots, one large
onion, a small head of cabbage, one bunch of parsley, one
sprig of celery top ; chop all these fine, add your chop-
ped vegetables, pepper and salt to taste. This soup
takes two hours to cook.

Miss Sarah Page.

Take a piece of beef four or five inches thick, and
with a knife make small holes entirely through it at
slight distances apart. Then take strips of fat salt pork,
roll them in pepper and cloves. Lay on a pan, cover
closely, and put over in a steamer, and steam for three
hours. When done, thicken the gravy in the pan with a
little flour. This is excellent when eaten as cold meat.