From the Lady's Monthly Museum or Polite Repository of amusement and instruction 1 (1798). Fashions for July 1798. 


With an elegant Engraving, beautifully coloured.


AGREEABLY to what is announced in our Proſpectus,
our Fair Readers are here preſented with Two Figures,
repreſenting the London Faſhionable Dreſſes for the preſent
month. In this particular department, it ſhall be our ſtudy,
as much as the limits of our plan will admit, rather to excel
than be conſidered inferior to any ſimilar production. The
preſent ſample of the intention of the Proprietors, it is hoped,
will not diſgrace them; but, in their future Publications,
the Revolutions of Faſhion may furniſh what may be deemed
more pictureſque,


    The Figure in yellow, repreſents a Lady attired in the
SUTTON WRAP, with worked border. HEAD DRESS in
the GRECIAN taſte, and white ſilk gloves; that in blue,
The Demi Habillement, or Curicle Robe, with worked border,
and white ſilk gloves.





      1ſt Figure —Plain White Gown—Cloak of Purple Velvet
hanging in a point behind, trimmed with broad Black
Lace —Head Dreſs—Black Velvet Cap, Bandeau of Pink
Ribbon, and Handkerchief Pink.—Shoes of ſame colour.—
Bear Muff.
    2d. Figure.—Plain Gown—Cloak of Scarlet Kerſeymere,
trimmed with Sables, having either a hood or cape trimmed
with the ſame.—Head Dreſs of Purple Velvet, with Bandeau,
Puffing, and Roſe of Scarlet Ribbon.—Shoes of ſame


    1ſt Figure.—Round Gown, with the Agatha Robe of
Pink Muſlin, faſtened on the ſhoulders with Cornelian
Claſps, open on the left ſide, and either hanging looſe in
front, or bound round the waiſt with belts of the ſame and
a Cornelian Claſp; fitting cloſe to the ſhape behind, with
plaits pointed from the ſhoulder to the middle of the back;
half ſleeves (over the plain ones of the gown) of White
Satin, plaited and trimmed with rows of Pink.—Coral
Necklace and Ear-rings.—Head Dreſs— A Turban of Purple
Velvet, trimmed with White Satin, and a half-ſquare of
Pink Muſlin thrown over the head, and gathered on the top.
—Shoes Purple Velvet.
    2d Figure. Round Gown, plaited at the breaſt, with
broad Lace Tucker. Demi-habiliment of Lilac Muſlin,
with a narrow trimming of Black on the body ; the body,
behind, cloſe; radiated on the breaſt, and faſtened with a
Claſp of Pearl, deſcending full from the right ſide, paſſing
over the front, and riſing full again on the left ſide—ſleeves
trimmed with the ſame.—Head Dreſs—A Fillet of Lilac
faſtened under the chin, interlaced with Pearls.