Mackail, trans., Odyssey, 1903

"And caught my knees, and winged words anew
She uttered : Who and whence of men are you ?
Where is the city of your ancestry ?
I marvel greatly how this cup I brew

" You drink, and yet its sorcery have withstood :
For unbewitched has none of mortal brood
Drunk of it yet or let it pass his lips ;
But your breast holds against bewitchment good.

" Wandering Odysseus truly you must be,
Who in his swift black ship across the sea
Ever the golden-wanded Shining One
Said should from Troy returning visit me.

" Now lay your sword into the sheath again,
And to the bed ascend we, for us twain
Arrayed, that having lain and loved therein
Each to the other faithful may remain.

" So said she : but I spake and made reply :
What is this bidding, Circe ? how should I
Be gentle with you, who have turned my men
Under your roof to swine within the sty ?

" And here you hold me, and your mind has planned
In guile to make me in your chamber stand
And to your bed ascend, that there disarmed
Lying I may be broken and unmanned.

" Nay, on your bed my foot I will not set
Except your word I first prevail to get,
Sealed by a mighty oath, that for my harm
You will not frame some other practice yet.

" So spake I, and she straightway, nothing loth,
Swore as I bade her; but when she the oath
Had sworn and ended, to the goodly bed
I went with Circe and it held us both.