The firſt exploit this new Prince did, was the murdering of Poſthumus Agrippa; whom a Centurion reſolute and appointed for the purpoſe, and taking him vnarmed, and miſdoubting nothing, yet could hardly diſpatch.Tiberius made no words of this to the Senate, but pretended that it was done by his fathers appointment; who (as he ſaid) had giuen charge to the Centurion which had the garding of him, to make him away incontinently after he had intelligence of his death. Little doubt but Augustus, complaining of the yong mans vntowardly behauior, cauſed his exile to be confirmed by decree of the Senate: but yet he neuer perſiſted long in deſiring the death of any of his; neither was it credible that to aſſure the eſtate to his wiues ſonne, he would ſeeke the bloud of his owne nephew. But very likely it is, that the yong mans death was haſtened by Tiberius feare, and Liuiaes hatred: the one as iealous, leaſt he ſhould bandie for the ſoueraigntie: the other through the naturall hatred incident to all ſtepmothers. When the Centurion brought him word (as the manner of ſeruice was) that he had fulfilled his commandement, he anſwered preſently, that he commanded him no ſuch matter, and that he ſhould anſwere it before the Senate.When this newes came to Criſpus Sallustius eares (who being inward in greateſt ſecrets with Tiberius, had by letters giuen the Centurion order how to proceede) fearing leaſt his owne turne ſhould be next, dangerous to him alike: to confesse the truth, or to ſtand to a lye: aduiſed Liuia that ſhe ſhould not in any wiſe diuulgate the ſecrets of her houſe, the counſell of friends, and ſeruices of ſouldyers; and that Tiberius ſhould beware of weakening the power of ſoueraign-tie, in referring all things to the Senate:the qualitie of abſolute rule being ſuch, that it could not ſtand but in one alone.