First excerpt from An Account of Several Late Voyages and Discoveries, by Sir John Narborough, 1694

   February 5. were ſeen ſeveral beds of Rock-
weed, and Sea-Fowls, much like Gannets ; ſome
black, others white, pied, and grey ; ſmall Seal-
fiſhes like ſo many Dogs, for their Heads reſemble
Bull-dogs, which they'l keep above Water a long
time, and look at the Ship ; they are very nimble
at diving and skipping out of the Water : This
Afternoon at ſeven a Clock I was in the Latitude
of 41 degrees South, and in Longitude, Weſt
from the Lizard of England, 52 deg and 50 min.
and in Meridian diſtance from the Lizard 895
Leagues ; Meridian diſtance from Port Praya,
616 Leagues, Longitude from Port Praya, Weſt,
36d. 34m.
   This Night I adviſed with Don Carolus where
it would be beſt for us to hale in with the Land,
in what Latitude, or at what Cape or Harbour on
this Coaſt of America, being now to the South-
ward of the River of Plate, and according to my
Inſtructions, before the Coaſt to be diſcover'd,
and a Trade ſet on foot with the Natives ; He
told me I might do what I would, for he did not
underſtand the Coaſt, nor where 'twas inhabited;
'twas his whole Diſcourſe in the Voyage, that
he had been here in a Galley, and knew all the
Coaſts from the River of Plate to the Streights,
and thorow the Streights all along the Weſt Coaſt
to Baldavia and Lima ; being arrived here, as far
as I can perceive by him , he knows nothing of
the matter, nor any thing appertaining to Navi-
gation; all I can fancy of him is, that he may
have liv'd with a Weſt-Indian Governour, whom
he has heard talk of theſe Parts.
   February 8. at 7 a Clock this Afternoon the
Wind came to the Weſt South-weſt, a ſtiff gale. I
ſtood to the Southward ; much Rock-weed paſs'd
by the Ship to day, and ſeveral Sea-Fowls ſeen ;
very cold for the Seaſon, being Summer, which
Don Carolus began to complain of, and told me,
he did not think we ſhould have come ſo far
Southerly ; I ſhew'd him by my Plates how
far we were to go through the Streights, and a-
long the Weſt Coaſt; he ſaid, the Spaniards went
to Chile a nearer way; I anſwer'd, 'twas into
the River of Plate and over Land, which we
could not do.
   My Company are all in good health, but ſome
of a puny Race grow weak in being ſo long on
Shipboard ; I give them Vinegar once a Week,
which is very good to prevent the Scurvy in their
Mouths ; alſo I order'd every Man to waſh his
Mouth, Face and Hands before he receive his
daily Allowance of Bread, and appointed one
Man to ſee it performed; if any neglected it, the
Steward kept their Allowance for one day; like-wiſe
every Man is commanded to keep himſelf
clean,and free from Lice, upon forfeiture of his dai-ly
Allowance to the Party accuſing him; by theſe
mans the Ship is kept neat, ſweet and clean, tho'
the dirty foggy Weather is a great Enemy to this