Incipit  The Evelyn Letters Project

The Editing Enterprise

The work of the Evelyn Project consists in transcribing of the holograph letters, verifying of the accuracy of the transcriptions as well as annotating the content of the letters. In order to best preserve and distribute the results of this work, the Evelyn Project is producing a machine readable text of the letters. This machine readable text will ensure that the scholarship embedded in this editing enterprise becomes widely accessible as well as providing an easily transferable base upon which further scholarship can unfold and research be conducted. For example, various applications can serve to query all or part of the material according to chronological or thematic criteria. A machine readable text further enriches the possibilities for research since scholars can apply additional mark-up to the base text according to the requirements of their discipline or area of study.

The production of a text machine readable across computer platforms involves three steps: keying in the text, marking up the text and validating the mark-up. The Evelyn Project chose to use Standard General Mark-up Language (SGML) and to follow the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines.

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