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Some Queries

Can anyone shed some light on 17th or pre-17th century earthquakes at Hecla, Stromboli, Calderas, Ragusa, Benevento and Mons?

Who is the 'condemned man' whose case at the naval dockyard Evelyn takes up in 1696: a man who appears to have, in a state of semi-consciousness, uttered treason?

Who are Brent, Peters, Roger and 'Mr Denny': Roman Catholic priests to whom Evelyn refers in 1688?

Does anyone know of a paper on greenhouserss among the Clarendon/Hyde correspondence of the late 1680s? or the name of their gardener at their estate, Swallowfield?

Who is the 'Hales' who wats the position of victualler to the Navy in 1695?

To what comedy does Evelyn refer in reference to an experiment at Paris (2 December 1651) hoping "that at last it dos not end in an Egg and pindust, as in the Comedy"?

If you have any answers or leads,
please contact Douglas Chambers
or Julia Lougovaya

Thank you

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