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This index is a work in progress too. It provides links to .pdf, .doc and .html versions of manuscripts and other unpublished work.

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Doctoral Thesis

"On the Placement and Interpretation of the Verb in Standard Biblical Hebrew Prose". University of Toronto (1995). [.pdf]

The thesis takes the so-called enigma of the Hebrew verbal system as a problem in generative grammar. The formal model integrates phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatic/discourse analysis. Important proposals include verb movement and topicalization in an SVO system, and an alternative analysis of tense, mood and aspect. Both proposals have an obvious bearing on exegesis and discourse analysis.

Supervisors: John Revell, Elizabeth Cowper.

ISBN: 0-612-02741-4
Diss. Abstracts: AAT NN02741
ILLO University of Toronto: theses NEAST 1995 Ph.D. 6298 ROBA

Electronic Publications


Finance and Macroeconomics (2001-2003)

Friedberg's Commodity and Currency Comments (FCCC)

An exhaustive bibliography is provided.

To read the papers, contact Friedberg Mercantile Group directly, or visit your reference library.

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Information Studies (2006-2007)

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Generative Masoretics in Progress (2008-2020)

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