Donald Dewees

Contact information

Professor Emeritus of Economics and Law
Department of Economics, University of Toronto,
150 St. George St., Toronto, ON M5S 3G7 Canada

Room GE 174
Tel: (416) 978-4181


Teaching 2017-18

·       ECO 4060 Research Seminar (support role)


Research interests: Applied microeconomics, environmental economics, environmental law, law and economics, electricity markets.

Recent Publications, Presentations:

“Assessing the Economics of Renewable Generation”, presentation to the Van Horne Institute Renewable Energy Conference, Calgary, Alberta, 28 May 2015.  Update available upon request.

“Ontario’s Retail Energy Sector: Market Evolution, Market Data and Consumer Protection”, 2014, presentation to the Ontario Energy Board, ECPA Review Stakeholder Forum, Toronto, Ontario, 8 December 2014.

“Electricity Prices, Technology, Consumer Response”, 2014, presentation to the Council for Clean & Reliable Electricity, Annual Energy Leaders Roundtable, Orangeville, Ontario, 27 March 2014.

Donald N. Dewees and Trevor Tombe, "The Impact of Sub-Metering on Condominium Electricity Demand", Canadian Public Policy 37 (4) (2011), 435–457.


Current Affairs: Perspectives on Electricity Policy for Ontario, Reeve, Doug, Donald Dewees, Bryan Karney, eds., Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 298 pgs, 2010.


The Price Isn’t Right: The Need for Reform in Consumer Electricity Pricing,” C.D. Howe Institute Backgrounder #124, January, 2010.


Reeve, Doug and Dewees, Donald N., 2010, Chapter 19 “Conclusion: Challenges and Opportunities for Electricity Policy in Ontario” in Reeve, Dewees and Karney, eds., 2010, Current Affairs: Perspectives on Electricity Policy for Ontario, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 274-289.


“Electricity Restructuring in the Provinces: Pricing, Politics, Starting Points, and Neighbours,” in Burkard Eberlein and g. Bruce Doern, eds., Governing the Energy Challenge: Canada and Germany in a Multi-Level Regional and Global Context, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009, pp. 71-98.


“Pollution and the Price of Power,” The Energy Journal, 29:2, 2008, pp. 81-100.


“Electricity Restructuring in Canada”, in G. Bruce Doern, ed., Canadian Energy Policy and the Struggle for Sustainable Development, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005, pp. 128-150.


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