Torontø-Tromsø Phonoløgy Workshøp

University of Toronto, Friday October 9–Sunday October 11, 2009

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RL = Department of Linguistics, Robarts Library, 6th floor, 130 St. George Street
ES = Earth Sciences Centre 1050, 33 Willcocks Street
BL = Claude T. Bissell Building 205, 140 St. George Street
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Thursday evening RL
7:00–8:30Reception and snacks in the Department of Linguistics
Friday morning ES Chair: Anne St-Amand
9:00–9:30 Coffee and tea
9:30–10:15 Elan Dresher Underlying contrasts and the East Slavic post-velar fronting
10:15–11:00Bruce Morén-DuolljáTromsø phonology: asking fundamental questions and exploring 'minimalist' answers
11:15–12:00 Daniel Hall Phonemic and phonetic contrasts in small vowel inventories
12:00–12:30 Discussion Facilitator: Paul Arsenault
12:30–2:00Lunch in the Department of Linguistics (RL)
Friday afternoonBL Chair: Elham Rohany Rahbar
2:00–2:45 Paula Fikkert Acquiring phonological contrasts: the role of perception and production
2:45–3:30 Yoonjung KangA diachronic study of yod-dropping in Korean: a loanword connection
3:30–4:15Patrik Bye Three types of marginal contrast
4:15–5:00 Discussion Facilitator: Milica Radišić
Saturday morning BL Chair: Paul Arsenault
9:00–9:30 Coffee and tea
9:30–10:15 Sara Mackenzie Laryngeal harmony and ordering restrictions in Aymara
10:15–11:00Pavel Iosad Laryngeal phonology in Plougrescant Breton: sandhi, mutation and contrast
11:15–12:00 David Odden, Berit Anne Bals & Curt Rice The moraic analysis of length and laryngeal alternations in North Saami
12:00–12:30 Discussion Facilitator: Liisa Duncan
Saturday afternoon BL Chair: Milica Radišić
2:00–2:45 Martin Krämer The stuff of features
2:45–3:30 Peter AveryExtra high tones in Dholuo
3:30–4:15Peter Jurgec Icy targets
4:15–5:00Discussion Facilitator: Elham Rohany Rahbar
Saturday evening TBA at the Workshøp
7:00–Party with dinner
Sunday morning BL Chair: : Liisa Duncan
9:00–9:30 Breakfast
9:30–10:15 Alexei Kochetov & Milica Radišić Consonant harmony and patterns of speech errors: experimental evidence from Russian
10:15–11:00Curt RiceComments on typology
11:15–12:00 Keren Rice Substance and markedness
12:00–12:30Discussion Facilitator: Anne St-Amand

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The Department of Linguistics is located on the sixth floor of Robarts Library (RL), 130 St. George Street. The department can be reached by taking the elevator from the second floor. NB: this is the only way to get to the department.
Transportation. There is some information on the hotel website about how to get there from the airport. A taxi will cost around $55 Canadian. The hotel is about a two-minute walk from the St. George subway stop. If you decide to take public transportation, you can get a bus from the airport to the Kipling subway station, and then take the eastbound subway to the St. George station. Get off at the St. George exit (west end of the station). When you get out of the subway station, go left to the corner of Bloor and St. George. You will be walking south (you should be able to see the CN Tower). At the corner, cross St. George (you will be walking west), and you will see the Holiday Inn. If you want to take public transportation (called the TTC [Toronto Transit Commission]) you will either need tokens or exact change. The fare is $2.75.
Handouts. We think that 35 handouts should be enough. You are welcome to send a .pdf, and we can photocopy your handout in Toronto if you would prefer.
Things to do in Toronto. Some of you are spending an extra day, so here are just a few things that might be of interest. The Bata Shoe Museum is right across the street from the hotel. It is an interesting place to visit! The Royal Ontario Museum is a short walk from the hotel. There is a major exhibit on now on the Dead Sea Scrolls that is supposed to be excellent. If you are interested in this, it would be a good idea to book your ticket in advance ( The Art Gallery of Ontario has a great collection of Canadian art, and the building is interesting (newly renovated, Frank Gehry design), and in an interesting area of Toronto. If the weather is good, Toronto is a good walking city, with lots of excellent restaurants. We can give you more detail about things to do if you let us know what you might be interested in. For those of you staying until the Monday, that day is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, so many things will be closed.
Interested persons are welcome to attend, but please notify our contact person, Liisa Duncan (liisa.duncan AT, so we can plan.
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Last updated October 7, 2009