Canadian Economic Development

copyright 1998 - 2003 
K.J. Rea, Ph.D.

Note: These lectures were intended to be used in conjunction with a printed text:

A Guide to Canadian Economic Development, by K.J. Rea

This online course in Canadian Economic Development was originally developed as a second year full-credit course offered by the Department of Economics at the University of Toronto. Elementary economic theory was a prerequisite. The course is no longer available for credit. You are welcome to browse the content and make use of it for non-commercial purposes on the understanding that no liability arising from such use is accepted by the author or by the University of Toronto. Any inquiries concerning supplementary course material should be sent to this email address.

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 1. Theory and History
 2. Markets and Policy
 3. "Making" Canadian History
 4. Colonial America
 5. British North America 1776-1867
 6. Confederation and the National Policy
 7. The Wheat Economy
 8. Industrialization
 9. The 1930s and World War II
10. Population and Labour Force Since World War II
11. Business, Capital and Finance Since World War II
12. The Primary Sector Since World War II
13. The Secondary Sector Since World War II
14. The Tertiary Sector Since World War II
15. Economic Policy Since World War II
16. Regional Canada
17. The Political Economy of Canadian Federalism
18. Overview