Student Award Winners in 2014-2015 Academic Year

Second Year Students (Award Name --- Student Recipient)

Banker's Scholarship in Economics --- Mr. Ruilin Li.
The william G. Wolfson Scholarship in Economics --- Ms. Lilly Wang.
Nanda Choudhry Scholarship in Economics II --- Mr. Jian Gao.
Stefan Stykolt Scholarship in Economic Theory --- Ms. Ye Hua.
The Jack L. Carr Scholarship --- Mr. Michael Xia.

Third Year Students

Nanda Choudhry Scholarship in Economics III
--- Mr, Zaihao(Trevor) Zhou.
The Donald Dewees Award in the Department of Economics
--- Ms. Elizabeth White.
Alexander Mackenzie Scholarship in Economics --- Ms. Yizhi Mao.
Noah Meltz Undergraduate Award in Labour Economics
--- Mr. Ho Jin Yun.
Paul L.. Nathanson Scholarship --- Ms. Francesca Hannan.
Ramsay Scholarship in Economics --- Mr. Quan Chinh Le.
The Safarian Scholarship in Economics --- Ms. Zi Wei Zhang.

Economics GRADitude Scholarship --- Mr. Shbi DA Liu.
The Institutional Equity Traders Association Scholarship in Economics
--- Ms. Valeriya Mordvinova.

Frederick G. Gardner Scholarship in ECO & POL --- Ms. Angelin Oey.

Brian Mulroney Award --- Mr. Michael Cleveland.
The Smith Family Scholarship in Economic Policy
--- Ms. Stephanie Calhoun Iliescu.
The Department of Economics Essay Prize in Economic Policy
--- Ms. Ana-Maria Stieghelbauer, Mr. Matthew Myung-Do Hong,
and Mr. Alexander Hempel.
Mary Child Scholarship in Economics --- Ms. LIng Ge Chen.
Reza Satchu Award for Excellence in Economics --- Ms. Allison Deng.