Forthcoming 2015 Issue


Introductory Remarks

by Dwayne Benjamin, Chairman of the Departmemt

When he takes over as Chairman on July 1, replacing Arthur Hosios whose term
eill have ended, Dwayne will write some introductory remarks for the Newsletter


Avery Shenfeld gives the Eleventh Annual Berkowitz Lecture

On March 11 our eleventh annual Berkowitz lecture was given by Avery Shenfeld, Managing Director and Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets Inc., who holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University. He was introduced by Angelo Melino and the title of his talk was "Textbooks and Trading: Where Theory and Practice Diverge", in which he argued that the models we teach students do not empirically explain what actually happens in the real world.

Seminar Presentations

The Department has a practice of arranging presentations of papers to attending members in sessions running frequently during most weeks. These presentations involve authors from our Department as well Economics Departments in Canada and the U.S. and elsewhere.

A history of these presentations, including copies of the papers presented, is available.

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