Statistical Analysis Using XLispStat, R and Gretl: A Beginning

This link provides for students a beginning to statistical computing, introducing three free programs, XLispStat, the R program, which is virtually equivalent to the commercial program S, and Gretl, which is the easiest to use for day-to-day work. XLispStat provides an excellent framework in which to program things yourself---an excellent way to develope a deeper understanding of econometric analysis. R is the program that most high-end econometricians and statisticians use. The first link below is to the PDF document and the links that follow are to files that are used in the statistical and econometric analysis there presented.

o Reading Material (statcomp.pdf -- 327k).

o Excel Spreadsheet File (statcomp.xls -- 41k).

o Gretl Data File (statcomp.gdt -- 5k).

o Text-Based Data File for XLispStat and R ( -- 15k).

o XLispStat file for loading data (setqdata.lsp -- 1k).

o XLispStat Data File (stcmpdata.lsp -- 16k).

o XLispStat Script File (xlspsect.lsp -- 3k).

o XLispStat Output File (xlspsect.lou -- 6k).

o Our XLispStat Functions (ourfuncs.lsp -- 11k).

o R Script File (Rsect.R -- 9k).

o R Output File (Rsect.Rou -- 14k).

o Gretl Script File (gretsect.inp -- 2k).

o Gretl Output File (gretsect.out -- 6k).

o Gretl Session File (statcomp.gretl -- 50k).

o Gretl Script File for Matrix Calculations (gretmatx.inp -- 1k).

o Gretl Output File for Matrix Calculations (gretmatx.out -- 5k).

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