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Canadian Drug Information Sites

 Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.  Similar in scope and purpose as the Addiction Research Foundation (below).

 Go to the Addiction Research Foundation Home Page.

 Check out the Addiction Research Foundation's list of Information Resources.

 Go to the ARF's Fact Sheets on alcohol and other drugs. A caveat: many of these are fairly old, and really need re-writing!

 Best yet, check out the ARF's excellent Bibliographies. These are really first-rate!

 B.C. Magic is a first-rate info and activist site.  Use their bulk email tools to email all of your elected officials today!

 The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse was created under Canada's Drug Strategy program. Now, if the government would only listen to its own agencies...

 Statistics on substance abuse - alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. A quick link to the stats.html page at the CCSA.

 The Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy has been founded by the foremost researchers on drug policy in Canada.

 Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.  Anything and everything to do with HIV/AIDS, including effects of drugs policy on HIV/AIDS transmission.

 Canadian Media Awareness Project.  A Canadian version of the American Media Awareness Project.  I highly recommend getting involved.

 Steve Chapman has written a self-published book that deals in-depth with Canadian drug statutes throughout history, with a focus on pharmacology. His web page shows the chemical structures for all drugs on the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act's schedules.

 CyberIsle!  A web site by and for teens, offering a fun, nonjudgmental approach to information about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Don't let the fact that I am part of the core research team sway you -- this is a fine site for teens.

 The Ecstasy Files.  A one-stop information page for ecstasy, including Medline searches and links. (Moved?)

 Welcome to the Friendly Stranger - Cannabis Culture Shop. A shop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Moved?)

 The Hemp Canadian, "A Canadian perspective on Drugs, Life, News, Laws, and Social Injustice."

 HempBC publishes a magazine (available online) that has articles covering drug policy, recreational drug use, and related matters. Look to them for important news.

 HempNation. Formerly Chris Clay's WWW site, now a resource under new management with a lot of information about hemp, message boards, free web pages, etc.

 HempWeb.  A mainly commercial site, included here because it offers hemp information, as well as links to other sites.

 Lambton Families In Action hosts the web site 'Marijuana: Advances in Research'.  Contains the knee-slappers "Harm Reduction: The Deadly Lie" and "Marijuana as Medicine Hoax," reprinted from those wonderful folks at Drug Watch International , where Barry McCaffrey and Grant Hill get all their latest (mis)information from.

 Jill Lampi has an excellent Drug Education / Information Page. She also has links to other pages.  NO LONGER ONLINE!  Please let me know if you know where she went.

 The London Cannabis Compassion Centre.  By Lynn and Mike Harichy, who are doing their best to make sure marijuana is legalized for medical purposes in Canada -- as 83% of Canadians also desire.

 N.O.R.M.L. Canada.  Starting to get more and more active these days.

 Prevention Source B.C.  A site that has info, statistics, and prevention research.  Gives equal weight to licit and illicit drugs -- something you don't find very often.

 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Drug Awareness and Drug Enforcement pages.  They also have a Drug Education and Awareness for Life page for kids.

 The Way I See It.  A web page by a medical marijuana user in North Bay, Ontario.

Drug Information Sites in the United States

 Action Forum of the Global Anti-Prohibition Movement.  Start here for info and activism on global responses to prohibition.

 Ask Dr. Weil.  Not a drug info site per se, but Dr. Weil deals with all drugs, vitamins and herbal remedies in an informed, clear manner.

 Americans for Compassionate Use. Medical marijuana advocacy site.

 A Guided Tour of the War on Drugs at the Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet) Web pages.

 Campain for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp.  An amazing site.  Check out Hemp TV for streaming video of important programs dealing with drugs and drug policy.

 CANNABIS.COM  "The home of cannabis information on the net!"

 Cannabis Activists Connection Collection.  "Helping cannabis activists find reform organizations and other activists."

 Cannabis Culture magazine used to be known as Cannabis Canada, from HempBC.  Same mag, different title.

 Colorado Hemp Initiative Project Homepage.  Links and info about hemp, cannabis, drug policy, etc.

 Common Sense for Drug Policy.  Offers assistance, information and advice to drug polciy reformers.  Definitely one of the more important U.S. sites.

 Cures Not Wars Online. A grassroots organization.

 The D.A.R.E. home page.  Used in more than half of American schools, it's utterly ineffective.

 Drug Enforcement Administration - Home Page.

 DrugLibrary.  Want one of the best sources of information about drugs and drug policy?  It's all here.

 Drug Expressive Art. Not about art done under the influence, but rather a wonderfully intellectual site which explores the marginalization of artists in general, and drug-using artists in particular.

 Drug Policy Foundation.  A great organization which focuses on ending the 'War on Drugs'.

 DRUGS - THE FACTS. The facts? Not really -- although these arguments are good ones against drug prohibition!.

 Drug Sense.  A comprehensive site linking information and activism.  A good first place to start.

 Drug Watch International.  Pro-prohibition (and anti-harm reduction). This is where a lot of current misinformation tracts come from.  Grant Hill (Canadian Reform Party Minister of Parliament, or MP) strongly endorses this site.  In fact, it seems that it's all he ever reads!

 DRUGZ. A fairly informal drug site with a very nice set of links.

 Erowid Entheogen Vaults.  Click on a drug (including the legal ones) to get lots of info on each.  Lots of info here.

 Families Against Manditory Minimums is a web site which documents the damage done by mandatory minimum sentences in the U.S.

 Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Home Page. A closer look at the costs of trading freedom for security.

 The Great Hemp Quilt Project.

 The Good Drug Guide.  A balanced and very hyper-linked look at all types of drugs.  Spend a bit of time here when you can.  Links to many sources of medical and pharmacological information.

 Human Rights 95.  Human Rights and the Drug War -- a site documenting the negative effects of the War on Drugs.

 Hyperreal, a huge and interesting counter-culture site.

 Journal of the International Hemp Association.

 The Institute for Hemp Home Page.

 Introducing The Drug-Free Marshals. Yes! Become a drug-free youth who pledges to worship a weird-looking, Church of Scientology-possessed cartoon character. No, I am not making this up. For information on the Church of Scientology itself, I suggest Ron Newman's very informative site.

 The Lindesmith Center.  Yes, it's funded partly by George Soros, and no, that doesn't make it bad.  It really is an excellent academic site, with key articles and information.

 Fitz Hugh Ludlow hypertext library. Texts regarding marijuana by Fitz Hugh Ludlow.

 Legalize! U.S.A.  New, flashy anti-prohibition site.  News, info. links, etc.

 The Lycaeum.  A rather large and complete drug information site.

 Marijuana - The Forbidden Medicine.  Lester Grinspoon, M.D. and James Bakalar, J.D. are your expert hosts at this site.

 Marijuana 'Research' at www.marijuana-research.com.  Ever get the feeling that some people trade their objectivity as a scientist for pure self-promotion, regardlesss of the effect on one's research?  Funny, I do too.

 Medical Marijuana Advocacy Site. Of course, if the owners of the domain name actually put some info here, it might be a bit more useful!

 Medical Marijuana Magazine.  An e-zine devoted to discussion of marijuana as medicine.

 Medscape is a site for professionals in the medical / health field which contains a huge number of articles dealing with all aspects of drugs.

 MurpleWeb: Temporary Home Page. Interesting activist site.

 The National Alliance of Methadone Advocates.

 The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.  Also known as CASA.  A scary site, since they put on the facade of science, but are political through and through.  Their slogan? "Politics Before Science."  (Just kidding... sort of.)

 NCADI - National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

 The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition web site.

 National Institute on Drug Abuse. Drug prohibition from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Subscribe to their NIDA Announcements Mailing List to receive updates of their methodologically-flawed (or at the very least, highly misleading) newly released studies telling you how bad illicit drugs are for rats and mice.

 National NORML Homepage. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Last year (1996), Bill Clinton apparently said that he had directed the FBI to see how they could shut NORML down. Kind of a "just say no" to the First Amendment?

 NE/Needle Exchange/HR Web Pages. Web site calling for Harm Reduction policies.

 NicNet: The Arizona Nicotine and Tobacco Network. One of the benefits of having quit smoking is that I can say I no longer support lying, money-grubbing, 500000 people-a-year in North America killing, children-addicting, Partnership-for-a-Drug-Free-America supporting (and therefore completely hypocritical), government-influencing, bastard-child of satan tobacco companies. Of course, this site doesn't say any of that, but draw your own conclusions from the information presented there anyway :)

 N.P. Kaye's (Cannabis) Cultivation Archive.  Information about growing.

 Carl E. Olsen's marijuana information site.

 The Paranoia Drug Information Server. Lots of academic and literary work.  NO LONGER ONLINE!

 The Harm Reduction Approach to Drug Control. A quick link (on the Paranoia server) to a paper on harm reduction by Nadelmann, Cohen, Drucker, Locher, Stimson and Wodak.

 Paul & Pauls' Hemp Site That Could.

 Planet Peacedog.

 Publisher's Group.  Site featuring photos and information of and on a large variety of illicit substances.

 Cliff Schaffer's Drug Information Pages. The web as a source of information just doesn't get much better than this.

 Sex, Drugs, and Democracy. An excellent (if somewhat utopian) film exploring drug and social policy in the Netherlands. I recommend it highly (yes, I've seen it!).

 Southeastern Harm Reduction Coalition. Better than those doofuses at the Southwestern Harm Reduction Coalition (just kidding).

 Think for Yourself. A radical idea, in this day and age...

 White House Drug Policy at www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov.  Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

 Jeff Woodward's Anti-Legalization Arguments Page.  Jeff is a thorn in the side of many drug-related discussion group readers.

Drug Information Sites Outside of Canada and the United States

 Brixton Drug Project. A very interesting and informative site from the UK. I recommend it especially for teens who want info on drugs, but don't want to be bored to death or preached to. (This is an excellent example of a harm-reduction approach to info about drugs.)

 Campaign to Legalize Cannabis International Association.  UK based.

 CEIDA -- Centre for Education and Information on Drugs and Alcohol.  Great Australian site featuring Connexions, a bi-monthly magazine that's written for health and welfare professionals, but contains articles that would be of interest to anyone.

 CORAnet - Anti-prohibitionist Radical Co-ordination.  (Italy)

 Drugs - the facts, the risks, the reality.  A pamphlet sent to every household in Victoria, Australia.  Focuses on a harm reduction approach.

 Drugtext Homepage©. A must see: info on Dutch drug policy and its (beneficial) effects. (An American mirror of the DrugText Homepage can be found at DrugText USA.)

 European Cities on Drug Policy.  A harm-reductionist site.

 Fairlight Seeds Site.  A UK cannabis seeds distributor.

 The Flow Magazine - The Hemp iNTERNET.  (The Netherlands)

 The International Drug Strategy Institute.  The propaganda site of Drug Watch International.

 League Against Intoxicants. A Norwegian anti-drug (most psychoactive drugs, including the legal ones) site.

 HEMP SA is an activist organization that has an interesting email newsletter.

 Hemp Museum, Berlin.

 International Harm Reduction Association.  Hosts of the great annual harm reduction conferences.

 Netherlands Institute for Alcohol and Drugs.

 The New Scientist has a special report on marijuana section, which documents the politics surrounding marijuana.

 New Zealand Drug Foundation has published a report calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis.  Read it here.

 O.C.A.D.U's Libra Project, alcohol and other drug awareness (ecstasy, cocaine, grass, lsd, methadone, aids, hiv, speed, acid, hash, alcohol, ghb, heroin, pcp, temazepam, crack, base, etc... What?!? No inhalents? (Just kidding. This is a very good UK site.)

 The Public Policy Assessment Society Inc. An Australian Site with lots of info on their public policy.

 RaveSafe.  A South African web site encouraging harm reduction.

 Toon's virtual home on the web. Toon grows fine, uh, tomatoes. Yeah, that's it!

 UK Cannabis Internet Activists. Why is that only the anti-prohibition and information sites have a sense of humour?

 UK Drug & Alcohol Misuse Home Page.

 Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).  Consider the fact that US tobacco has killed far more Colombians than Colombian cocaine has killed Americans, and then consider US policies of crop eradication, the arming of governments that use the weapons on their own people, and the fact that US demand drives worldwide supply, and you'll probably be closer to understanding why Latin America has a valid reason for resisting US interference in their own policies...

Drugs in the Media

Seeing as how I get to update this page an average of once a year, this section won't be updated often.  But, fear not -- there are several sites here that have compilations of newspaper articles, letters to the editor, reports, and other goodies from all over the world (seriously) that you'll have to check out.

 Media Awareness Project Drug News.  A searchable collection of articles and letters from the US, Canada, the UK, and elsewhere.

 Letters published by members of the Canadian Media Awareness Project.

 A collection of news information sites, with a mainly Canadian focus (from CMAP).

 Marijuana News from www.marijuananews.com.  News stories, quotes, etc.

 Recent Articles Published in the Media.  A collection of links to magazine and periodical articles on drug policy.  From the Schaffer Library of Drug Policy.

Treatment Organizations

 Cannabis Dependence

 Clinical Education Research Assoicates, Inc. Home Page

 Focused Treatment Systems

 Marijuana Anonymous

 Push Harm Reduction

 Rational Recovery Center

 Web of Addictions

 Ted Noffs Foundation

Various Other Links

The Chronicle of Progress in the Drug - Crime War. A physician with all the answers... I think?!?

 Life Education Network Home Page. Drug Education for Children. Does anyone else see how ironic the following snippet is? "They are taught on school grounds inside specially designed mobile classrooms which use everything from fibre optics, (creating a "Star Ceiling" effect) to laser disc video and interactive CD-ROM software."  Far out, eh?

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