Winter, 2010
Li, Hao

Course Outline

Professor: Li, Hao, 604-822-6685, Buchanan Tower 904,,

Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 to 3:30pm at Auditorium Annex 142 (cellphone off upon entering the classroom)

Office hours: by appointment through email

Teaching webpage:

This course is designed for graduate students who are interested in applied microeconomic theory. The main purpose is to provide training in modeling skills through a series of lectures on diverse topics in microeconomic theory. The topics include: information disclosure, experimentation, committee decision-making, war of attrition, assortative matching, and dynamic mechanism design.

There is no textbook.  Instead, each week's two lectures focus on a single paper that is selected because it introduced an innovative new framework when first appeared, and because it is clear and clean enough to work when combined with other ideas.  In some weeks, I will also cover a few follow-up papers to illustrate the approach of  writing applied theory papers by adapting a good and new framework to generate and address one's own research ideas. 

There are no exams for this course.  The only requirement is a theory paper that is directly or indiretly inspired by the frameworks covered in this course.  I will try to set a due date for the term paper as late as possible before the fall semester starts.  The term paper is graded under two criteria: the innovativeness and clarity of the idea, and the cleaness of the model and the analysis.