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Title: Head of the Madonna
Date: late twelfth century
Medium: tempura on panel, possibly with intermediary layer of parchment
Dimensions: not available; this is a fragment from a larger alterpiece of the Madonna
Artist: Alberto So(zio?), who also painted the Cross of 1187 in Spoleto
Location of Work: formerly in a private collection, Milan (1971). Owenr died; collection was sold, probably privately. New owner is possibly in Rome.
Copyright permission granted by: Filippo Todini.
Source of image: Todini, Filippo. La pittura umbra: dal Duecento al primo Cinquecento. Vol. I. fig.3, p. 11. Milan: Longonesi, 1989.
Image provided by Medart-L member: Ann Driscoll
Date Posted: March 9, 2000

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