MEDART-L Guidelines & E-Mail Etiquette

1. Please DO NOT post personal mail on MEDART-L. If you wish to correspond with another member, please use his/her personal e-mail address.

2. Please keep all postings on the listserv to 500 LINES OR LESS which is about 5 pages. This applies to cross postings.

3. Please sign your full name, affiliation and e-mail address at the bottom of your message when posting to the listserv (the additional listing of your e-mail assists those using digest formatting).

4. Please have your "return message" signal turned OFF. That is, do NOT resend the message you are answering. Many members must pay to receive messages; the longer they are, the more it costs. It also clutters up the MEDART-L records as well.

5. Please do not post images on the MEDART-L list. If you wish to have an image posted for discussion on the MEDART-L Image Site please contact the listowner.

6. If you wish to have images posted on the MEDART-L WEB site, copyright permission MUST be secured. Copyright information and other requirements are listed on the Image Site..

5. You will not be able to change your address yourself. Please contact me from your new address, include your old address and I will make the changes. PLEASE do not send "signoff" or "change of address" queries to the whole membership!

H. Sonne