Each font record in the database consists of several kinds of information which is obtained from different sources.

The fullness of each font record is dependant on available data for the particular work. As data becomes newly available it is added dynamically to the record.

Each baptismal font record includes the following information:

  • location (name of church or museum, region, country and placement inside the church)
  • origin (workshop, date/period)
  • medium (e.g. stone, metal, wood, brick and specific type, e.g. sandstone, lead, oak, etc.)
  • type of font (sunken or above ground)
  • general shape (square, cauldron, chalice-shaped, etc.)
  • condition (good, poor, information about paint remains, etc.)
  • drainage type (side appendages for drainage or central hole in basin and base, etc.)
  • inscription (language, location, transcription and/or translation)
  • dimensions (total height, diameter of basin, height of basin, depth of basin, measurements of square bowls and bases)

In addition, there is a full description of the images and motifs ornamenting each work. This includes the following:

  • text description of subject depicted or type of motif
  • digitized image accompanying descriptions

Each image or motif ornamenting a work is assigned a location code and number to indicate the placement and order in which images appear on a given work. This enables a view of the full pictorial program that ornaments each work. Locations consist of the following:

  • upper basin
  • underside of upper basin
  • rim of upper basin
  • inside of the upper basin
  • lower base
  • supporting figures around the upper basin
  • supporting figures around the lower base
  • corner figures on square bases
  • heads encircling lower bases
  • central ring dividing base from basin
  • registers encircling upper basin
  • registers encircling lower base
  • upper band encircling basin
  • lower band encircling basin

Whenever possible the direction of pictorial narratives is noted:

  • left to right
  • right to left
  • no direction evident
  • images centered on one central motif/image


GIS9704302.TIF (422506 bytes)
Gistad (Sweden)

GIS9704316.TIF (358718 bytes)
Joseph's Dream
Gistad (Sweden)

HAL9000023.TIF (366314 bytes)
Halla (Gotland, Sweden)

LOK9701134.TIF (527312 bytes)
Lokrome (Gotland, Sweden)