ENG 9001F: BIBLIOGRAPHY II (Old and Middle English)

Course Description

Department of English, University of Toronto, 1998-99

Instructor: Professor Ian Lancashire
Office: Room 122, Wetmore Hall, New College
Phone: 978-8279
Office Hours: Wednesday 1-3
E-mail: ian@chass.utoronto.ca
URL: http://www.chass.utoronto.ca:8080/~ian/index.html

Course work will include learning how to read from English manuscripts of the period, familiarizing yourself with methods for literary research, becoming accustomed to locating original materials, acquiring editorial skills, and editing a sample early text. You will need to buy one textbook:

It is on order from the Bob Miller Book Room, Bloor Street north just west of Avenue Road, and should be available shortly.

I will compile a collection of mss pages for study. Cost-recovery will determine the charge for this (about $10).

This is a credit/non-credit course. To receive a credit, you should

  1. attend class and participate, e.g., by reading aloud from assigned manuscripts when invited, discussing readings from Greetham, and asking questions or commenting on seminar reports by other class members;
  2. deliver in class and submit in writing a 25-30-minute seminar report analyzing the methods employed by an editorial project or edition relevant to your dissertation (e.g., one of the Chaucer facsimiles, a volume in the Records of Early English Drama series, etc.);
  3. co-prepare, with other class members, a scholarly electronic edition of part of British Library Additional MS 15562, a 15th-century copy of the English-Latin Catholicon; and
  4. pass a class test on transcribing from early manuscripts.

Some Useful Reference Works

Preliminary Schedule

These dates and topics are subject to change. Seminar reports will also be added.