ENG 9002H: STUDIES IN BIBLIOGRAPHY 1476-1660 (Summer 1999)


Department of English, University of Toronto

Instructor: I. Lancashire
Office: Room 122, Wetmore Hall, New College
Phone: 978-8279
E-mail: ian@chass.utoronto.ca
URL: http://www.chass.utoronto.ca:8080/~ian/index.html

An introduction to learning English manuscript hands of the period, exploring traditional and new tools and methods for bibliographical research, and undertaking scholarly editions.


You need to buy two books for the course: Both are on order from the Bob Miller Book Room, Bloor just west of Avenue Road, and should be available by the first meeting in June.


This is a credit/non-credit course. To receive a credit, you must meet the following four requirements.
  1. Attend class and participate, e.g., by reading aloud from assigned manuscripts in Preston-Yeandle and other sources, and by discussing assigned readings and seminar reports.
  2. Deliver and submit a 30-minute seminar report on and with your revision and annotation of a section already in, or a new section for, the on-line course bibliography ( www.chass.utoronto.ca/~ian/9002bbbl.htm ). The current sections are dictionaries, law, government publications, printed books, Church of England, manuscript catalogues, literary criticism, science, architecture and geography, music, arts, classical mythology, and biography.
  3. Prepare, with other members of the class, a on-line scholarly electronic edition of Gabriel Frend's 1599. An Almanacke And Prognostication (London: Richard Watkins and James Robertes, 1599; Henry E. Huntington 30069; 46 pages) for Renaissance Electronic Texts.
  4. Pass an in-class exam in the last meeting to test your ability to transcribe from Renaissance manuscript pages contained in Preston and Yeandle and discussed in class.

Some Useful Reference Works

Tentative Schedule