EMEDD Citations for "actor"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. actor (Latin entry by Sir Thomas Elyot 1538)

    Actor, whiche dothe the dede. Also in the lawe the plaintife, complaynant, or demandaunt. Also a player of enterludes. Also a mannes factour or baylyffe, that hathe the charge of his busynesse.

  2. actor (Latin entry by Thomas Thomas 1587)

    Actor, oris. m. g. p. l. verbale, ab Ago. The doer of a deede: an aduocate: the plantife: the pleader: an attorney: a plaier: a factor: a Bayliffe in husbandry.

  3. actor (English entry by John Bullokar 1616)

    ACTOR: Actor. A doer, sometime a Player.

  4. actor (English entry by Henry Cockeram 1623)

    ACTOR: Actor. A stage player, or one doing a thing.

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