EMEDD Citations for "chorus"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. chorus (Latin entry by Sir Thomas Elyot 1538)

    Chorus, the company of players or dauncers. also a quyar.

  2. chorus (English entry by Thomas Blount 1656)

    CHORUS: Chorus (Lat.) a Company of Singers or Dancers, a Quire. The singing or musick between every Act in a Tragedy or Comedy. In a Comedy there are four Accessory parts. |viz. | I The Argument. 2 Prologue. 3 Chorus. 4 Mimick. Of all which the Tragedy hath onely the Chorus. Of these see more in |Mr. | Godwins Anthology. ch. de Ludis.

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