EMEDD Citations for "comical"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. comicall (English entry by Robert Cawdrey 1604)

    comicall, handled merily like a comedie

  2. comical (English entry by John Bullokar 1616)

    COMICAL: Comicall. That which pertaineth to Comedies: also pleasant or merry.

  3. comical (English entry by Thomas Blount 1656)

    COMICAL: Comical (comicus) pertaining to, or which is handled in Comedies : also pleasant or merry. The Ancient Grecians and Romans had four sorts of Stage{}Plays, |viz. | Mimical, Satyrical, Tragical, and Comical. Of which see more in |Mr. | Godwins Anthologie, chap. de Luddis.

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