EMEDD Citations for "ludus"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. ludus (Latin entry in BL Add MS 37075, ca. 1475-1500, p. 5) ludus, pley

  2. Ludus (Latin entry by Thomas Cooper 1565, fol. cccc2r)

    Ludus, ludi, masc. gen. Cic. Play in actes: mirth in woordes: sporte: game: pastime.
    Campestris ludus, Vide CAMPVS.
    Consimilis ludus. Terentius. A lyke pranke.
    Tempestiuum pueris concedere ludum. Horat.
    Dare alicui operam ludo. Plaut. To play or pastime with one.
    Ducere noctem ludo. Virg. To play all nyght longe.
    Gaudens ludis. Horat.
    Ludus genuit certamen & iram. Horat. Play bredde contention and anger.
    Incidere ludum. Horat. To leaue of game or play.
    ¶ Ludus in singulari. Asconius. A schole or place of exercise where any feate is learned.
    Ludus gladiatorius. Sueton. A schoole of fense.
    Ludus grammatices. Cic. A grammer schoole.
    Ludus literarum. Plin. A schoole of learnyng.
    Ludus literarius, Idem. Quint.
    Ludus discendi, non lusionis. Cic. A place to learne and not to play in.
    Ludus, & pueritiæ disciplina. Cic. Traynynge vp in studie and suche learnyng as is meete for children and youth.
    Ludum aperire. Cic. To beginne to keepe a schoole.
    Ludus est, illa perdiscere. Cic. It is a pastime to learne, &c.
    ¶ Ludus pro ioco accipitur quandoque. Terent. Iestynge in woordes: sporte.
    -ludum, iocúmque Dices fuisse illum alterum, præut huius rabies quæ dabit. Terent. Thou wilte say the other was but a iest or sporte, &c.
    -si imparatum in veris nuptijs Adortus esset, quos mihi ludos redderet. Terent. what prankes or pageantes woulde he haue played me.
    Vt ludos facit. Terent. How he is disposed to mocke, ieste, or dally.
    Ludos aliquem facere. Plaut. To dally and scoffe at one: to make a mockyng stocke.
    Noui iam ludum. Plaut. I perceyue now the pageant.
    Operam ludos facere. Plaut. To leese his labour.
    Dare ludum amori. Horatius. To passe the time in loue.
    Druso ludus est suggerendus. Cic. wee must play some pretie pranke or feate with Drusus.
    Ludo, Ablatiuus. Virg. In sporte or pastime.
    Ludo, in plurali. Cic. Common games, sightes, or pageants to delight the people.
    Celebres ludi. Ouid. Viles ludi. Horat.
    Apparare ludos. Cicero. To make prouision for games or sightes. Celebrare dies festos ludorum. Cic.
    Committere ludos. Cic. To beginne the games or sightes.
    Condecorare ludos, Vide CONDECORO.
    Edere ludos. Tacit. To set foorth games or sightes.
    Facere ludos. Plin.
    Facere ludos Apollini. Cicero. To make games or solemne sightes to the honour of Apollo.
    Instituere ludos. Quint.
    Ludi Circenses. Runnyng with chariotes in the great compassed place in Rome called Circus.
    Ludi compitalitij. Playes made in high wayes to the honour of Bacchus.
    Ludi Florales. Abhominable playes in Rome to the honour of their strumpetlike goddes Flora, in whiche common women played naked with wanton woordes & gestures.
    Ludi gladiatorij. Games of swoorde players fightynge without harnesse and in the sight of the people indeuouryng eache to kill other. a spectacle of crueltie to harden the peoples hartes agaynst killyng in warre.
    Ludi gymnici. Exercises of runnyng, leapynge, throwynge the darte, and wrastlyng.
    Ludi lupercales. Games wherein yonge gentill men naked and hauyng whippes in their handes ran aboute laughyng and beatyng all that they mette.
    Ludi Megalenses. Playes made to the honour of the mother of the gods.

  3. ludus (Latin entry by Thomas Thomas 1587)

    Ludus, di, n. g. Play in actes, mirth in wordes, sport, test, daliance: a pleasant thing and not hard to be done: game, pastime, a pranke, feate, or pageant: a mocking stock: a schoole or place of exercise where anie feat is learned: also craft, deceit, Plaut. a song, Serv. Moderator vel gubernator ludi. A schoolmaster. Ludus literatius, Quint. A schoole.

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