EMEDD Citations for "orchestra"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. Orchestra (Latin entry by Thomas Cooper 1565, fol. rrrr2v)

    Orchestra, hiuis orchestræ, fœ. g. Cic. A place wherin Senatours and noble persons sat to beholde playes: sometime the sessions of the Senate.

  2. orchestra (Latin entry by Thomas Thomas 1587)

    Orchestra, ae, f. g. A place betweene the stage and the common seats, wherein Senatours and Noble personages satte to behold plaies and open games: sometime the sessions of the Senate: a theater or scaffold whereon musitians, singers, and such like shew their cunning.

  3. orchestra (Italian entry by John Florio 1598)

    Orchestra, a theatre or scaffolde where musitions and singers sit, a chiefe place in a theatre. Sometimes vsed for a kind of winding staires. also a place between the stage and the common seates of a theatre.

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