EMEDD Citations for "scene"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. scene (English entry by John Bullokar 1616)

    SCENE: Scene. A play, or Comody, a Tragedy, or the diuision of a play into certaine parts. In old time it signified a place couered with boughes, or the roome where the players made them ready.

  2. scene (English entry by Thomas Blount 1656)

    SCENE: Scene (scena) the front or forepart of a Theatre or Stage, or the partition between the Players Vestry, and the Stage; a Comedy or Tragedy, or the division of a Play into certain parts, | viz. | first into Acts, those again into Scenes, which sometimes fall out more, sometimes fewer in every Act, The definition of a Scene being mutatio personarum. Godw. In old time it signified a place covered with boughes, or the room where the Players made them ready.

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