EMEDD Citations for "sorracus"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. sorracus (Latin entry by Sir Thomas Elyot 1538)

    Sorracus, a cofer or baskette wherein are caried the instrumentes or apparayle seruynge for comedies or interludes.

  2. Sorracus (Latin entry by Thomas Cooper 1565, fol. zzzzz2v)

    Sorracus, ci, m. g. A coffer or baskette wherin are caried apparayle or garmentes for comedies or interludes.

  3. sorracus (Latin entry by Thomas Thomas 1587)

    Sorracus, ci, m. g. Fest. A basket or coffer to carie garments in for Comedies.

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