EMEDD Citations for "sot"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. sot (French entry by Randle Cotgrave 1611)

    Sot: m. A sot, asse, dunce, dullard, blockhead, loggerhead, growtnoll, iobernoll, growthead, ioultheat; also, a foole, or vice in a play; and, any fond, vaine, or trifling fellow. Va ailleurs cercher ton sot. Looke for some other to laugh at, I am not the gull you looke for. Le fol est sot quant & quant, mais tout sot n'est pas fol: Prov. The foole is sure ynough a sot, but euery sot's no foole. Quand les febves sont flories, les sots commencent leurs folies: Prov. In Cuckoe-time when Beanes doe flower, the cracke-braind fooles build vp their bower.

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