EMEDD Citations for "theatrum"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. theatrum (Latin entry by Sir Thomas Elyot 1538)

    Theatrum, a place made halfe round, wherin the people assembled to beholde playes and sondrye sbatementes, sometyme it sygnifieth the multitude that beholdeth.

  2. Theatrum (Latin entry by Thomas Cooper 1565, fol. gggggg6v)

    Theatrum, theátri, n. gen. pen. prod. Plin. A theatre: a place made halfe rounde, where people assembled to beholde playes. Somtime the multitude that beholdeth: Somtime the sight or play set foorth in that place.
    Fundamenta alta theatri. Virg.
    Cuneatum theatrum. Vide CVNEVS.
    Arcto theatro stipata Roma. Horat.
    Magna theatra. Lucret. Marmoreum theatrum. Ouid.
    Curua theatra. Ouid.
    Festa theatra. Ouid. wherin playes are set foorthe on festiuall dayes.
    In theatro ac spectaculis. Cic.
    Habere theatrum sane bellum. Cic.
    ¶ Commouere theatrum. Quint. To moue the people that beholde the sight.
    Tunc commouendum est theatrum. Quintil. Pro ipsis spectatoribus.
    Spissa theatra. Horat. Beholders standing thicke together.
    Clamois turba theatri. Stat.
    Theatra tota reclamant. Cic. All the people beholdyng the sightes crie out against it.
    Versari in theatro, per translationem. Cic. To liue or be in an open place, where all men doo beholde him.
    Ingenij theatrum. Cic. A place or mattier wherin one sheweth and declareth his witte.
    Theatrum virtutis, conscientia. Cic. The chief place where vertue is seen and beholden, is a mans owne conscience.
    Maioribus theatris propositæ alicuius virtutes. Cic. Ones vertues beyng seen and beholden of greater companies.
    Magnum theatrum habet ista prouincia. Cic. This prouince or charge hath many that doo beholde it.
    Magno theatro spectata familiaritas. Cic. Familiaritie well knowen and seen of many men.

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