EMEDD Citations for "tragoedia"

Ian Lancashire
University of Toronto

for the Shakespeare Association of America
San Francisco 1999

  1. tragoedia (Latin entry by Sir Thomas Elyot 1538)

    Tragoedia, a tragedye, whiche is an enterlude, wherin the personages do represent somme hystorie or fable lamentable, for the crueltie and myserye therin expressed.

  2. Tragœdia (Latin entry by Thomas Cooper 1565, fol. hhhhhh6v)

    Tragœdia, tragœdiæ, fœ. g. Horat. A kynde of playes representynge personages of great estate, and matters of much trouble: a tragedie.
    Animosa tragœdia. Ouid.
    Seuera tragœdia. Horat. Violenta. Ouid.
    Tragœdias agere, prouerbialis locutio. Cicer. To make a great sturre or broyle for matter of naught.
    Efficere tragœdias. Cic. To make great sturre & lamentation.
    Excitare tragœdias. Cic. To make great sturre or businesse: to make much a doo weare it needeth not. Facere tragœdias. Cic. To make tragedies.
    Mouere tragœdias. Quintil. Idem quod excitare.
    Neque verò istis tragœdijs tuis perturbor. Cic. I am nothyng dismayed with this great sturre that thou makest.

  3. tragoedia (Latin entry by Thomas Thomas 1587)

    Tragoedia, ae, f. g. A tragedie, beeing a loftie kind of poetrie, and representing personages of great estate, and matter of much trouble, a great broyle or stirre.

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