Dictionary of Utkuhiksalingmiut Postbases


-uřaaq -ᐅᖭᖅ


to resemble X, act like X; seem to do or be X

Phonological variants:

V+__ uřaaq ᐅᖭᖅ nguřaaq (after VV) ᖑᖭᖅ (ᐊfᑦeᕐ VV)
k → uřaaq ᐅᖭᖅ
q → uřaaq ᐅᖭᖅ
t → (no examples yet) (ᓐo exᐊᒻᑉᓪeᔅ yeᑦ)


  1. qulliuřaaqtuq ᖁᓪᓕᐅᖭᖅᑐᖅ
    qulliq-uřaaq-tuq ᖁᓪᓕᖅ-ᐅᖭᖅ-ᑐᖅ
    seal oil lamp-resemble-part.3s
    It looks like a seal oil lamp. (said e.g. of a piece of ice)
  2. quklugianguřaaqtut ᖁᒃᓗᒋᐊᖑᖭᖅᑐᑦ
    quklugiaq-nguřaaq-tut ᖁᒃᓗᒋᐊᖅ-ᖑᖭᖅ-ᑐᑦ
    They look like worms. (said e.g. of caribou nasal parasites)
  3. angutiviuřaaqtuq ᐊᖑᑎᕕᐅᖭᖅᑐᖅ
    angut(i)-vik-uřaaq-tuq ᐊᖑᑦ(ᐃ)-ᕕᒃ-ᐅᖭᖅ-ᑐᖅ
    He is acting like (e.g. walking like) a "big shot" or important person.
  4. qaplunaanguřaaqtuq ᖃᑉᓗᓈᖑᖭᖅᑐᖅ
    qaplunaaq-nguřaaq-tuq ᖃᑉᓗᓈᖅ-ᖑᖭᖅ-ᑐᖅ
    white person-resemble-part.3s
    He behaves (e.g. dresses, walks, eats) like a qaplunaaq.
  5. hiurauřaaqtuq ᓯᐅᕋᐅᖭᖅᑐᖅ
    hiuraq-uřaaq-tuq ᓯᐅᕋᖅ-ᐅᖭᖅ-ᑐᖅ
    sugar (literally: it looks like sand) (fixed meaning)
  6. paungauřaaqtut ᐸᐅᖓᐅᖭᖅᑐᑦ
    paungaq-uřaaq-tut ᐸᐅᖓᖅ-ᐅᖭᖅ-ᑐᑦ
    raisins (literally: they look like crowberries) (fixed meaning)
  7. nurrauřaaqtuq ᓄᕐᕋᐅᖭᖅᑐᖅ
    nurraq-uřaaq-tuq ᓄᕐᕋᖅ-ᐅᖭᖅ-ᑐᖅ
    caribou fawn-resemble-part.3s
    sheep (literally: it seems like a caribou fawn) (Biblical word)
  8. amauřaaq ᐊᒪᐅᖭᖅ
    amaq-uřaaq ᐊᒪᖅ-ᐅᖭᖅ
    point of hood of woman's parka/ulu handle-resemble
    dorsal fin (of a fish)
  9. ikauřaaq ᐃᑲᐅᖭᖅ
    ika-uřaaq ᐃᑲ-ᐅᖭᖅ
    other side-resemble
    inside of leg or trouser; in-seam
  10. qangatařunnuuřaaqhiq&uni ᖃᖓᑕᖪᓐᓅᖭᖅᓯᖅᖢᓂ
    qangata-řu-nnu-uřaaq-hiq-&uni ᖃᖓᑕ-ᖪ-ᓐᓄ-ᐅᖭᖅ-ᓯᖅ-ᖢᓂ
    be elevated-participle-really-seem-tending toward-appos.3sr
    appearing to be up in the air
  11. inukittuuřaqhiqtuq ᐃᓄᑭᑦᑑᖬᖅᓯᖅᑐᖅ
    inuk-kit-tu-uřaq-hiq-tuq ᐃᓄᒃ-ᑭᑦ-ᑐ-ᐅᖬᖅ-ᓯᖅ-ᑐᖅ
    person-few-participle-seem-tending toward-part.3s
    It seems like there are few people (e.g. in church today).
  12. huaqtuqtu&uuřaaqtuq ᓱᐊᖅᑐᖅᑐᖣᖭᖅᑐᖅ
    huaq-tuq-tu-&uk-uřaaq-tuq ᓱᐊᖅ-ᑐᖅ-ᑐ-ᖢᒃ-ᐅᖭᖅ-ᑐᖅ
    I think she's scolding.


-uřaaq- may attach either to nouns ("resemble or act like X"), or to verbal forms with the participle marker -řu-/-tu- ("seem to do or be X").

It is possible to analyse -uřaaq- as a combination of -u- "be" and a hypothetical postbase -řaaq- meaning "seem" (compare with -jaaq- in Harper 1979, p 21). But note that, unlike some other dialects, Utku does not seem to have -řaaq- independently of -uřaaq-.

Some words ending in -uřaaqtuq have special fixed meanings, as in 5-7. There are also a few words with fixed meanings which end in -uřaaq (without -tuq); these have to do with parts of things, as in 8 and 9.

When -uřaaq- follows the participle the long aa is sometimes shortened, giving -uřaq- (as in 11). This shortened version of -uřaaq- is not to be confused with the postbase -uřaq- (which does not follow the participle).

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