Inuktitut Project

The Labrador Inuttitut Community Grammar project is a SSHRC-funded collaboration between Alana Johns, a linguistics professor at the University of Toronto, and the Torngâsok Cultural Center in Nain, Labrador. The aim of the Labrador Inuttitut Community Grammar project is to develop and write a complete reference grammar of Labrador Inuttitut, the dialect of Inuktitut spoken in Nunatsiavut (northern Labrador). As the number of speakers of this dialect of Inuktitut has decreased over the years, a number of groups and organizations within Labrador communities are making efforts to reverse language shift, and this grammar will serve to strengthen those efforts by providing a large-scale reference tool for sentence and discourse structure.

A major component of this project is the involvement of Nunatsiavut communities. This website will eventually be set up with a public bulletin board, which will allow the members of the communities to discuss issues and share ideas about Inuttitut and its use in Nunatsiavut.

Special thanks to Professor Emeritus Peter Denny of University of Western Ontario for donating to us his Inuktitut linguistic grammars, SSHRC for financial support for our research costs, and Chancellor Emeritus Jackman for providing funds which allowed Alana Johns more time for this research in 2006.