The audio files in the left-hand column illustrate the pronunciation of the syllabics in each row (except for the finals).
The addition of a dot · over a symbol indicates a long vowel.
These pronunciations represent the South Baffin Dialect.
You can also listen to the syllabics song.

This page uses Unicode encodings to display the syllabics; if these do not show up properly in your browser,
you can try a version of the page that uses image files instead.

Audio Vowel i Vowel u Vowel a Final
i u a  
pi pu pa p
ti tu ta t
ki ku ka k
gi gu ga g
mi mu ma m
ni nu na n
si su sa s
li lu la l
ji ju ja j
vi vu va v
ri ru ra r
ᕐᑭ qi ᕐᑯ qu ᕐᑲ qa ᕐᒃ q
ngi ngu nga ng
lhi lhu lha lh
The syllabics song:

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