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In the Wake of Odysseus

my webpage on localization of the wanderings of the journey of Odysseus

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Borestone Mt., Maine

Mt. Nemo, Ontario

photos: Adelaide Burgess

Butler's "Cave of Polyphemus," Sicily

photo: J. Burgess

"Talk of mysteries! Think of our life in nature,---daily to be shown matter, to come in contact with it, ---rocks, trees, wind on our cheeks! the solid earth! the actual world! the common sense! Contact! Contact! Who are we? where are we?" -----Thoreau, on Katahdin



    THE TRADITION OF THE TROJAN WAR IN HOMER AND THE EPIC CYCLE, 11/2001 (Johns Hopkins University Press)

    Reissue in paperback April 2004

    THE DEATH AND AFTERLIFE OF ACHILLES, 1/09 (Johns Hopkins University Press)

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    JANE ASPINALL on 'Lost Arts' [Martha Nussbaum defends the humanities]

    JANE ASPINALL on 'Sweet Tears' [automata]

    filius on Crystal Castles, Canadian landscape painting, and images of Montreal.

    poems by HUGH F. BURGESS, JR.

    stories by HUGH F. BURGESS, JR.; including now "My Last Duchess"

    'fake non-fiction' by HUGH F. BURGESS, Jr. (real humor, including mention of "the Achilles' attention deficit disorder"): use search tool for 'Hugh Burgess'

    For some ACADEMIC MATERIAL OF THE PAST (published or unleashed), see MY PAGE AT ACADEMIA.EDU

    RECENT PAPERS PRESENTED: "Framing Odysseus: The Slaughter of the Suitors"/"staying with nomads" in Homer, Fermor, and Frazier/ ekphrastic connections between the 'Shield of Achilles', the Hesiodic Shield, and Theocritus Id. 1/ Huckleberry Finn and the Polyphemus episode in Od. 9.


    "'If Peopled and Cultured': Bartram's Travels and the Odyssey" (in press)

    "Hegemonic Ithaca. The Inland Journeys of Odysseus" (in press)

    "Ambiguous Homecomings: Cold Mountain and the Odyssey" (in press) In Odyssean Identities in Modern Cultures: The Journey Home

    "Working with Sources: Limits of Reconstruction." (in press) In The Cambridge Companion to the Greek Epic Cycle.

    "Belatedness in the Travels of Odysseus," in the series TCSV (Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes, Walter de Gruyter / gen. eds. F. Montanari & A. Rengakos)

    "The Hypertext of Astyanax." in "Homeric Hypertextuality," Trends in Classics (TC) 2.2:211-224.

    Multiple entries in Homer Encyclopedia, ed. M. Finkelberg (including "Geography, Iliad"; "Epic Cycle"; "Homeric Iconography")

    "Intertextuality without text in early Greek epic," in Relative Chronology in Early Greek Epic Poetry, CUP

    (still) FORTHCOMING::

    Homer [introductory monograph], I.B. Tauris