Medieval Mythographic Illustrations

Name that Myth !  Campanile of Florence Theodulus Olympus
Unknown1 Luna Ganymede Virgilius Romanus1 and 2
Unknown2 Mars Ganymede2 Varia 1, Varia 2
Unknown3 Mercury Hercules1 Olympus3
Unknown4 Saturn Hercules2 Hrabanus demons, demon gods
Unknown5 Sol & another version Hercules3 Hrabanus lumpy gods
Unknown6 Venus Orpheus Hrabanus gods
Unknown7 Gods3
Unknown8 Franks Casket Gods4
Unknown9 Astrology Gods5
Overall view Varia3
Early Medieval Arabic example Back - Roman History Varia4
Children of Mercury Side - Germanic legend
Centaur Gods
Chronograph of 354 Genealogies Venus
Asclepius Genealogy1 Venus with Sea Goose Miscellaneous
Apollo Medicus 1 and 2 Genealogy2 Venus with Tablet
Boccaccio1494 Strange Venus Hercules Furens
Boccaccio1494detail Creation scenes
Metamorphoses in Naples

Individual Gods
Minerva Mars Apollo Neptune Saturn
Mercury Pluto & Cerberus Diana Jupiter

Other Characters
Ixion Lucretia Penthesilia
Europa Myrrha Achilles


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