Medieval Mythography

The user is referred in the first instance to the bibliography in Jane Chance's Medieval Mythography,Vols. 1-2 (University Press of Florida).  The citations listed here are additional to (i.e. not found in) Chance.  Eventually the items from Chance's bibliography most relevant to mythography will be added here.


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources


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Mythographic Illustrations



Bibliographic contributions are welcome, as are annotations for existing entries.


This project was begun January, 2001 in conjunction with a seminar at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto led by Prof. M. Herren: "The Classical Tradition in the Middle Ages: Medieval Mythography."  A great number of the citations on ancient mythography were contributed by Professor Herren.  They have been collected and supplemented by Jess Paehlke and Shana Worthen.  Additional material has been provided by other members of the seminar, particularly Alice Cooley with whom I did a presentation on the illustrations.