English 240Y
Old English Language and Literature
Prof. David N. Klausner

This course will be offered in 2005-6, meeting Tuesday 9-11 and Thursday 9-10 in UC 163. Sorry about the early meeting time, but I need an incentive to get me up in the morning.

Reading List:

Required texts:
Peter Baker An Introduction to Old English (Blackwell, Oxford, 2003). J. C. Pope (ed), R. D. Fulk (rev.) Eight Old English Poems (Norton, 2003). Both these texts are in stock at the Bob Miller Book Room, 180 Bloor St. W.

Most of the poems we will read are also available in single editions with excellent introductions and notes from Methuen or Manchester University Press:

You need not buy, but will be expected to read the following:

and one of the following:

Literary history, criticism, and other useful works: