ENG 900IH: Bibliography II to 1476
David N. Klausner

This general research bibliography for medieval English studies forms the basis of the Department of English's required graduate course in research methodology. It is especially intended as a guide to the principal sources required for the editing, annotation, and interpretation of medieval English texts.

I. Literary Bibliographies


The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature  ed. George Watson, vol. 1 to 1660 (Cambridge, 1974).

Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (Modern Humanities Research Association, 1921-) [ABELL]

MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on Modern Languages and Literatures (MLA, 1921-) on line, 1970-; access through U of T library.

The Year's Work in English Studies  (English Association, 1921-).

International Medieval Bibliography  (Leeds, 1967-).  Now on CDROM, computer searchable.

Labyrinth (medieval studies web metapage).

Index of Medieval Studies Bibliographies.

Old English:

S. B. Greenfield & F. C. Robinson A Bibliography of Articles on Old English Literature to the end of 1972 (Toronto, 1980).

A. di Paolo Healey & R. L. Venezky A Microfiche Concordance to Old English (Toronto, 1980) with The List of Texts and Index of Editions (Toronto, 1980).

Old English Newsletter (Binghamton NY, 1967-1995; Kalamazoo MI, 1995-).

Middle English:

J. B. Severs & A. E. Hartung A Manual of the Writings in Middle English, 1050-1500 8 vols. (New Haven CT, 1967-89).

J. L. Harner  Literary Research Guide: a guide to reference sources for the study of literatures in English and related topics (2nd edn.  New York, 1993).

W. L. Renwick & H. Orton The Beginnings of English Literature to Skelton, 1509 (rev. edn. London, 1966).

Eleanor P. Hammond Chaucer: A Bibliographical Manual  (New York, 1908).

D. D. Griffith Bibliography of Chaucer, 1908-53  (Seattle WA, 1955).

W. R. Crawford Bibliography of Chaucer, 1954-63  (Boston, 1967).

L. Y. Baird Bibliography of Chaucer, 1964-73  (Boston, 1977).

Studies in the Ages of Chaucer (New Chaucer Society, 1979-).

Chaucer Review (MLA Committee on Chaucer Research, 1966-).

The On-line Chaucer Bibliography: telnet to utsaibm.utsa.edu

Toronto Medieval Bibliographies, inc.:

J. Leyerle & A. Quick Chaucer: A Bibliographical Introduction (Toronto, 1986).

Andrew Hughes Medieval Music, the Sixth Liberal Art (Toronto, 1974).

Giles Constable Medieval Monasticism, a Select Bibliography (Toronto, 1976).

James Murphy Medieval Rhetoric, a Select Bibliography (Toronto, 1971).

II.  Chronology

E. B. Fryde, D. E. Greenway, S. Porter & I. Roy Handbook of British Chronology Royal Historical Society Guides & Handbooks 2 (3nd edn.  London, 1986).

C. R. Cheney Handbook of Dates for Students of English History (London, 1961).

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Nicholas Harris The Chronology of History, containing Tables, Calculations and Statements Indispensable for ascertaining the dates of Historical Events and of Public and Private Documents (London, 1833).

R. L. Poole Medieval Reckonings of Time Helps for Students of History 3 (London, 1918).

Sydney J. Low & F. S. Pulling The Dictionary of English History (London, 1910).

B. B. Woodward & W. L. R. Cates Encyclopaedia of Chronology, Historical and Biographical (London, 1872).

J. T. Haydn Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information relating to all ages and nations (3rd edn.  London, 1904).

Audrey Butler Everyman's Dictionary of Dates 7th edn. (London, 1987).

Andrew Hughes Medieval Manuscripts for Mass and Office; a guide to their organization and terminology (Toronto, 1982).

III.  Encyclopaedias

Encyclopaedia Britannica (11th edn.  London, 1911).

Encyclopaedia Britannica (15th edn.  London, 1979) Macropaedia.

J. L. Strayer, ed.  Dictionary of the Middle Ages 13 vols. (New York, 1982-89).

F. L. Cross The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church  (London, 1957).

R. C. Broderick The Catholic Encyclopaedia  (Nashville NY, 1987).

J. Hastings Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics  (New York, 1908-27).

S. L. Ollard A Dictionary of English Church History  (London, 1948).

John Julian A Dictionary of Hymnology  (repr.  New York, 1979).

Die Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart  (3rd edn. Tübingen, 1957).

Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche (3rd edn. Freiburg, 1993).

Dictionnaire de theologie catholique 15 vols. in 30 (Paris, 1923-50).

Dictionnaire d'histoire et de geographic ecclésiastique  (Paris, 1912).

Dictionnaire de spiritualité, ascétique et mystique  (Paris, 1932).

Dictionnaire de droit canonique  (Paris, 1935-).

F. Cabrol Dictionnaire d'archéologie chrétienne et de liturgie  (2nd edn.  Paris, 1927).

W. Smith A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects and Doctrines 4 vols.  (London, 1877-87).

W. Smith A Dictionary of Christian Antiquities 2 vols. (London, 1876-80).

G. Harford, M. Stevenson, et al.  The Prayer Book Dictionary  (London, 1925).

D. Attwater Catholic Encyclopaedic Dictionary  (2nd edn. London, 1951).

III. Historical Sources

Thomas Rymer Foedera, conventiones, literae et cujuscunque generalis acta publica inter reges Angliae et alios quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Principes, vel Communitates... ab anno 1101, ad nostra usque tempora...  20 vols (2nd ed. London, 1704-32).

T. D. Hardy Syllabus of the Documents relating to England and Other Kingdoms contained in the collection known as “Rymer’s Foedera”    3 vols.  (London, 1869-85).

Edgar B. Graves A Bibliography of English History to 1485 based on 'The Sources and Literature of English History from the Earliest Times to about 1485' by Charles Gross (Oxford, 1975).

Bertie Wilkinson The High Middle Ages in England, 1154-1377 (Cambridge, 1978).

De Lloyd Guth Late-medieval England, 1377-1485 (Cambridge, 1976).

J. T. Rosenthal Late Medieval England, 1377-1485: a bibliography of historical scholarship 1975-1989 (Kalamazoo, 1994).

Royal Historical Society [RHS] Writings on British History 1901-1933 vol. 2, The Middle Ages 1450-1485 (London, 1968).

A. T. Milne Writings on British History from 450 AD to 1914 published during the year 1934 (London, 1937), followed by annual vols. for 1934 to 1945.

Joan C. Lancaster Bibliography of Historical Works issued in the UK, 1946-56 (2nd edn.  London, 1957), continued by William Kelloway Bibliography of Historical Works issued in the UK, 1957-60 (London, 1962).

E. L. C. Mullins A Guide to the Historical & Archaeological Publications of Societies in England and Wales, 1901-1933 (London, 1968).

The Victoria County History of the Countries of England (London, 1900- ). Separately published for each county; not complete.  General introduction ed.  R. B. Pugh (1970) has full account of every volume published and an index of articles in each volume.

E. L. C. Mullins Texts and Calendars: An analytical guide to serial publications RHS Guides & Handbooks 7 (London, 1958).
-- Texts and Calendars II (1957-82) RHS Guides & Handbooks 12 (London, 1983).

A. T. Milne A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Royal Historical Society 1868-1968 and of the former Camden Society RHS Guides & Handbooks 9 (London, 1968).  Full calendar of Camden Society and RHS volumes with comprehensive Index.

Camden Society Publications 4 Series (London, 1837-).

Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores 99 vols. (London, 1858-96), [Rolls Series].

Surtees Society Publications (London, 1834-).

A. K. Kiralfy & G. H. Jones Selden Society: General Guide to the Society's Publications (London, 1960).  Calendars and Indexes vols. 1-79 (1887-1960).

IV.  Biographical Dictionaries

Robert B. Slocum Biographical Dictionaries and Related Works, An International Bibliography of Collective Biographies (Detroit, 1972).

Albert M. Hyamson A Dictionary of Universal Biography of All Ages and All Peoples 2 vols. (2nd edn.  London, 1962).

J. F. Michaud Biographie universelle, ancienne et moderne 85 vols. (Paris, 1811-62).

Chamber's Biographical Dictionary (Cambridge, 1984). [now Cambridge Biographical Dictionary (Cambridge, 1990).]

Benjamin E. Smith The Century Cyclopedia of Names (New York, 1894).

L. Stephen & S. Lee Dictionary of National Biography 63 vols. (London, 1885-1901), 22 vols. (London, 1963-4). [DNB]  A new edition is in preparation.

David Bank British Biographical Index 4 vols. (London, 1990).

R. Chambers Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen 5 vols. (Glasgow, 1857).

The Dictionary of Welsh Biography down to 1940 (Cardiff, 1959).

G. E. Cokayne The Complete Peerage 13 vols. (London, 1887).

Samuel Allibone A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, from the Earliest Accounts to the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century 3 vols. (Philadelphia, 1888; repr.  Detroit MI, 1965).

J. Porter Kirk Supplement to Allibone's Critical Dictionary (Detroit MI, 1965).

A. B. Emden A Biographical Register of the Universiiy of Oxford to A.D. 1500 3 vols. (Oxford, 1957-9).

 -- A Biographical Register of the University of Oxford, AD 1501-1540 (Oxford, 1974).

 -- A Biographical Register of the University of Cambridge to A.D. 1500 (Cambridge, 1963).

John Bale Index Britanniae Scriptorum ed.  R. L. Poole & Mary Bateson (repr.  Cambridge, 1990), published originally as Illustrium Majoris Britanniae Scriptorum (1548).

Anthony Wood Athenae Oxoniensis, An Exact History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their Education in the most Antient and famous University of Oxford from A.D. 1500 to 1695 2 vols. (London, 1691-2).

Biographia britannica 7 vols. (London, 1747-66).

John Le Neve Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1066-1300 (London, 1716; rev. edn.  London, 1968-).

 -- Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1300-1541 12 vols. (rev. edn.  London, 1962-67).

Historical Manuscripts Commission, Guide to Reports 1911-57 Pt. 11, Index of Persons 3 vols. (London, 1966).

Calendar of Patent Rolls (London, 1901-).

Calendar of Close Rolls (London, 1902-).

Calendar of Fine Rolls (London, 1911-).

Calendar of Inquisitiones Post Mortem (London, 1904-).

J. M. Richards Who's Who in Architecture from 1400 to the Present Day (New York, 1977).

F. L. Cross The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (Oxford, 1957).

W. Smith Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects and Doctrines 4 vols. (London, 1900).

Alban Butler Lives of the Saints rev.  Herbert Thurston & D. Attwater (Westminster MD, 1981).

D. Attwater A Dictionary of Saints, being also an index to the revised edition of Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints (London, 1942).

Acta Sanctorum 70 vols. in 69 (Paris, 1863-1940).

John Harvey English Medieval Architects, a biographical dictionary down to 1550  (Gloucester, 1984).

V. Genealogy

Howard J. Harrison A select bibliography of English genealogy, with brief lists for Wales, Scotland and Ireland: a manual for students (London, 1937).

P. C. Bartrum, ed.  Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts  (Cardiff, 1966).

VI.  Maps and Topography

P. D. A. Harvey Medieval Maps (Toronto, 1991).

Nigel Nicolson & Alasdair Hawkyard The Counties of Britain: a Tudor Atlas by John Speed  (New York, 1989).

J. B. Harley The Historian's Guide to Ordnance Survey Maps (London, 1964).

J. B. Harley Maps for the Local Historian: a guide to the British Sources (London, 1972).

R. A. Skelton & P. D. Harvey Local Maps and Plans from Medieval England (Oxford, 1986).

M. W. Beresford & J. K. S. St. Joseph Medieval England, An Aerial Survey (2nd edn. Cambridge, 1971).

David J. C. King Castellarium Anglicanum: An Index and Bibliography of the Castles in England, Wales and the Islands (Millwood NY, 1983).

Nickolas Pevsner The Buildings of England (individual county volumes).

Ordinance Survey Period Maps: Britain in the Dark Ages, South Sheet (1935); Britain in the Dark Ages, North Sheet (1938); Roman Britain, 3rd edn. (1956); Hadrian's Wall (1963); Monastic Britain, South Sheet 2nd edn. (1954); Monastic Britain, North Sheet 2nd edn. (1955).

Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office.  British Isles ca. 1410-1860 (London, 1974).

M. D. Lobel Historic Towns: Maps and Plans of Towns and Cities in the British Isles, with historical commentaries, from earliest times to 1969 (Oxford, 1969).

M. W. Beresford The Lost Villages of England (London, 1954).

S. Lewis A Topographical Dictionary of England 4 vols. (London, 1831).

E. Ekwall The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names (4th edn.  Oxford, 1966).

 -- English River-Names (Oxford, 1928).

Publications of the English Place-name Society.  County by county survey.

A. H. Smith English Place-name Elements 2 vols. (Cambridge, 1956).

Guides to the Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts.  Pt.  I, Topographical Guide to Reports issued 1870-1911 (London, 1914); Topographical Guide to Reports issued 1911-1917 (London, 1973).  Pt. II, Index of Persons 3 vols. (London, 1966). [HMC]

Victoria County History. [VCH]

William Camden Britannia: or, a chorographical description of the flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland etc. rev. edn., Richard Gough 4 vols. (London, 1806).

John Stow A Survey of London ed. C. L. Kingsford  2 vols. (Oxford, 1908).

John Leland The Itinerary of John Leland, 1535-1543 ed.  Lucy Toulmin Smith 5 vols. (London, 1907-10).

William Worcestre Itineraries ed. John Harvey (Oxford, 1968).

John Aubrey Monumenta Britannica, or A Miscellany of British Antiquities 1665-93 ed. J. Fowles 2 vols. (Sherborne, Dors., 1980).

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments. [RCHM]

VII.   Manuscript Collections and Catalogues

Record Repositories in Great Britain (8th edn., London 1987).

Publications of the Royal Commission in Historical Manusripts HMSO Sectional List no. 17 (London, 1977).

British National Archives HMSO Sectional List no. 24 (London, 1984).

P. O. Kristeller Latin Manuscript Books before 1600.  A List of the Printed Catalogues and Unpublished Inventories (New York, 1960).

a.  The British Library

M. A. E. Nickson The British Library: Guide to the Catalogues and Indexes of the Department of Manuscripts (London, 1982).

T. C. Skeat The Catalogues of the Manuscript Collections in the British Museum (London, 1953).

Index of Manuscripts in the British Library 11 vols. (London, 1984-5).

A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library deposited in the British Museum (London, 1802).

A Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum 4 vols. (London, 1808-12).

Catalogues of Additions to the Manuscripts [in the British Museum] [= Additional MSS nos. 4101-75434] 23 vols. (London, 1843-1955).

H. D. L. Ward Catalogue of the Romances in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum 3 vols. (London, 1883-1910).

G. F. Warner & J. P. Gilson Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Old Royal and King's Collections [in the British Museum] 4 vols. (London, 1921).

C. E. Wright Fontes Harleiani: A Study of the Sources of the Harleian Collection of Manuscripts Preserved in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum (London, 1972).

A. G. Watson The Manuscripts of Henry Savile of Banke (London, 1969).

A. G. Watson Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c. 700-1600 in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Library 2 vols. (London, 1979).

b. Oxford Libraries

F. Madan et al.  A Summary Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford 7 vols. (Oxford, 1895-1953).

Margaret Crum First-Line Index of English Poetry 1500-1800 in Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library 2 vols. (Oxford, 1969).

College libraries

H. O. Coxe Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Oxford Colleges 2 vols. (Oxford, 1852, repr. 1972) University, Balliol, Merton, Exeter, Oriel, Queens, New, and Lincoln Colleges only.

Paul Morgan Oxford Libraries outside the Bodleian, A Guide (Oxford, 1973).

R. A. B. Mynors Catalogue of the Manuscripts of Balliol College, Oxford (Oxford, 1963).

A. G. Watson Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c.435-1600 in Oxford Libraries  2 vols. (Oxford, 1984).

c. Cambridge Libraries

A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Cambridge University Library 4 vols. (Cambridge,1900).

College libraries

M. R. James The Western Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge 4 vols. (Cambridge, 1900).

A. N. L. Munby Cambridge College Libraries (Cambridge, 1960).

d.  Other major British libraries

Summary catalogue of the Advocates' Manuscripts (Edinburgh, 1971).

Moses Tyson Handlist of the Collection of English Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library (Manchester, 1929).

National Library of Wales; catalogue of manuscripts (Aberystwyth, 1921-).

e. Other sources

Seymour de Ricci Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada 3 vols. (New York, 1935-40).

Peter Beal Index of English Literary Manuscripts vol. 1, 1450-1625 ed.  P. J. Croft, T. Hofman et al. (London, 1980).  Index of first lines.

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Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues:

   The Friar’s Libraries ed. K. W. Humphries (London, 1990).

   Registrum Anglie de libri doctorum et auctorum ueterum ed. R. A. B. Mynors, R. H. Rouse, and M. A. Rouse (London, 1991).

   The Libraries of the Cistercians, Gilbertines, and Premonstratensians ed. D. N. Bell (London, 1992).

   English Benedictine Libraries: the Shorter Catalogues ed. R. Sharpe, J. P. Carley, R. M. Thomson, & A. G. Watson (London, 1995).

   Dover Priory ed. W. P. Stoneman (London, 1999).

   The Libraries of the Augustinian Canons ed. T. Webber & A. G. Watson (London, 1999).

   The Libraries of Henry VIII ed. J. P. Carley (London, 2000).

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Anthony J. Camp Wills and their Whereabouts (3rd edn. Canterbury, 1963).

Wilma Fitzgerald Ocelli Nominum: Names and Shelfmarks of Famous/Familiar Manuscripts (Toronto, 1992).

VIII.  Early Printed Books

Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke 8 vols. (2nd edn.  Stuttgart, 1968).

A. W. Pollard & G. R. Redgrave A Short Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland and Ireland, and of English Books printed Abroad, 1475-1660. (2nd edn. ed.  W. A. Jackson & F. S. Ferguson, completed by K. F. Pantzer) 2 vols (London, 1976-91) [3rd vol. with indexes of printers etc. to follow]. [STC]

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W. Carew Hazlitt Handbook to the Popular, Poetical, and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain from the Invention of Printing to the Restoration (London, 1867).

 -- Collections and Notes 6 vols. (London, 1876-93).

 -- Index to both Handbook and Collections (London, 1867-79).

Robert Watt Bibliotheca Britannica: or, A General Index to British and Foreign Literature 4 vols. (Edinburgh, 1824 rep. 1965).

F. R. Goff  Incunabula in American Libraries Bibliographical Society of America (New York, 1964).

IX.  Palaeography

Michelle Brown Guide to Western Historical Scripts from Antiquity to 1600 (Toronto, 1990).

Hilda E. P. Grieve Some Examples of English Handwriting (Chelmsford, 1949).

 -- Examples of English Handwriting, 1150-1750 (Chelmsford, 1959).

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A. Capelli Lexicon Abbreviaturarum: Dizionario di Abbreviature Latini ed Italiane (6th edn.  Milan, 1961).

 -- The elements of abbreviation in medieval Latin palaeography intro. to Lexicon Abbreviaturarum, trans.  D. Heimann & R. Kay (Lawrence KS, 1982).

Leonard Boyle Medieval Latin Palaeography: a bibliographical introduction (Toronto, 1984).

Bernard Bischoff Latin Paleography: Antiquity and Middle Ages trans. D. O Cróinin & D. Ganz (Cambridge, 1990).

X. Codicology

Barbara Shailor The Medieval Book (Toronto, 1991).

Charles M. Briquet Les Filigranes: Dictionnaire historique des marques du papier dans leur apparition vers 1282 jusqu'en 1600 2nd edn. ed.  A. Stevenson, 4 vols. (Amsterdam, 1968).

XI.  Textual Criticism

R. B. McKerrow Introduction to Bibliography (Oxford, 1927).

Philip Gaskell A New Introduction to Bibliography (Oxford, 1972).

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XII.  Language

R. F. S. Hamer Old English Sound Changes for beginners (Oxford, 1967).

Alistair Campbell Old English Grammar (Oxford, 1959).

J. Wright An Elementary Middle English Grammar (London, 1923).

 -- An Elementary Historical New English Grammar (London, 1924).

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Tauno Mustanoja A Middle English Syntax (Helsinki, 1960).

Fernand Mossé Handbook of Middle English (Baltimore MD, 1952).

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XIII.  Language Dictionaries

Dictionary of Old English ed.  A. di Paolo Healey et al. (Toronto, 1986-).  Published up to E so far. [DOE]

J. Bosworth & C. N. Toller An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (London, 1964).

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XIV.  Iconography

Gertrud Schiller The Iconography of Christian Art 2 vols. (London, 1971).

R. Kaske Medieval Christian Literary Imagery (Toronto, 1988).

XV.  Proverbs

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