Second Term Material Culture Work Proposal for Renaissance Maiolica
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Portrait Dish of Lisandro, tin-glazed earthenware with lustre decorations, Italy, Deruta c.1520, The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art

The course of work for the second term will be organized from January 2001 to the middle of April 2001, and will move from the formal analysis of objects at both the Gardiner Museum and Royal Ontario Museum, to a textual primary and secondary source study, to the final construction of the research paper and website.

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Thesis for the Second Term Paper

Thesis: By analyzing various kinds of maiolica pieces from a stylistic and cultural perspective, I hope to understand the societal values which inspired their production. Moreover, I would like to uncover the symbolism of these pieces with regards to Renaissance ideology regarding art and humanism, such as the stress on artistic conventions, portraiture and design beauty. Finally, I hope to uncover the implications that such pieces had within the context of the ritualized relationships among various gender groups, such as those of brides and grooms, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, children and parents, professional guilds and confraternities, and religious orders of priests and nuns.

Stages for the Second Term

January 2001- Compile research of object analysis at both the Gardiner Museum and Royal Ontario Museum, along with any additional sources in museum catalogues at various libraries at the University of Toronto.

February 2001- Continue object analysis and complement it with documentary research.

March 2001- synthesis information and write research paper.

April 2001- Conclude with the construction of the final web site.

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