Tracking the Remembrance of Touch

Bear with cobra tattoo

you ought to be court martialled
found guilty
stripped of your epaulettes
your left tit lopped off
for telling me
you're known to drag cubs home
after I said I wasn't looking for

this boy scout's prepared
next time to tell you point blank
my friend the Latin poet they bumped off
tells me
you're compensating
for not being able to get it up
i'm prepped
to pull rank
to rise and snap
to push you into oncoming traffic
you're so deficient in listening skills
you wouldn't hear the blare of a Mack truck horn

let's watch you control
your fury then when
i'll be wearing red
slash of blood across my cheek
scouting for a she-wolf and a twin
and you're standing in my way
you'd better know a mongoose when you see one
and know who has memory

by the way, have you seen Kim

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Tracking the Remembrance of Touch ©1996 François Lachance