No Big Words

Try to keep all words in a string or a set of strings to no more than one sound each. Good try. Try more. Much can be shown this way. And if you can count you can show and can say all sorts of square as line line line line and more so line meet line here not there. But that show. Can you just say square in set of words not with words that point like here and there and that too? Yes with plus and big and not big and not big and not not big. No hands means square is like line meet line at not big and not not big. See? Four times. This is fun. Line meet line not at big. Line meet line not at not not big. So line meet line at not big and not not big. Line meet line so one up and down and one not up and not down. That joint is not big and not not big. This work fun

Rule One

Rule Two
No two monosyllables in a row

Question One
Is Rule Two respected if three or more monosyllables are found one after the other?

Question Two
What happens to the markers of negation if Rule Two is applied?

Observation One
The diectic emerges at joy of discovery and rush of construction.

Steven Holtzman Digital Mantras: The Languages of Abstract and Virtual Worlds 1994

Rudy Rucker Mind Tools: The Five Levels of Mathematical Reality (1987)
copyright © François Lachance 1999
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